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Level 1: Pyramid of Osiris


Gold Point Challenge: 100000
Time Trial: 6:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Free a Skeleton from its sarcophagus
Knock 3 Skeletons onto spikes
Destroy all arrow traps: 35

The gold point challenge is usually quite difficult to reach unless you keep your 4x multiplier (shown at the bottom left of the screen) for all or most of the level. The location and types of gems are somewhat random. Destroy jars, light braziers, etc., to release gems.

If you get hit and loose your multiplier just reload at the previous checkpoint. You’ll keep all your points AND the multiplier.

Starting Area

After the cutscene destroy the jars for gems and make your way down the walkway. Light the braziers to lift up the pillars but before you jump up them head to the right for some more gems hidden in a corner.

Jump up the pillars and use the staff on the mark of Set to open the gate.

The Mechanical Eye

Use the staff on the mechanical eye 4 times as it spins around to face different directions. The fourth time the eye will explode and all the gates will open.

Meeting Set

Run around to pick up all the gems and then continue to the north until you meet Set. Use the staff on the Mark of Set to open the gate with Red Skull #1.

Use the staff to raise the platform and climb up. Take out the skeletons and blow up the sarcophagus. If this one has a skeleton inside then you’ll complete the challenge to Free a Skeleton. Otherwise blow up each sarcophagus as you come across it. Eventually you’ll find a skeleton.

Use the grapple to climb up the next wall, use the staff to raise the next pillar and take out the beetles. Then grapple off the left edge for Red Skull #2.

Grapple up the next wall and stand on the pressure plate to open the gate. Drop down and head up the stairs. Roll under the flying arrows to not get hit and keep your multiplier.

Arrow Traps

In the next room you’ll spot the first 5 arrow traps. You’ll need to blow them all up if you want to complete the Destroy all of the Arrow Traps challenge.

Skeleton Ambush

As you head into the next room you’ll be attacked by 5 skeletons and half a dozen scarab beetles. You can use a bomb to try and knock a skeleton on to the spikes. If not you’ll have a chance again later.

Take them out and then grapple up on the left side, picking up the Max Health Upgrade along the way.

Destroy the Arrow Traps in the next room and then use the staff on the Mark of Set to open the gate.


Make your way down the stairs, picking up the Vulnerable Iron Ring of Strength along the way. This one increases weapon damage but reduces defense.

Arrow Trap Platforms

Continue down the stairs and jump over to the Arrow Traps on the right. Blow up the skeleton first and he’ll land on the spikes. You’ll need to knock 3 skeletons on spikes to complete the challenge.

Blow up the Arrow Traps and jump back. Head along to the next platform, blow up the skeletons first, for the challenge, and then the next 3 Arrow Traps.
Continue along to the right, take out the skeletons and more Arrow Traps. Lift up the pillar with the staff for Red Skull #3.

Jump over to the right and right again for another 3 Arrow Traps. When you stand on the nearby pressure plate the gate will open. Head through to the next area.

Broken Bridge

Make your way across the broken bridge until Ahmet notices your presence. Run quickly across the bridge but you can stop on the other side to blow up the sarcophagi and pick up gems.

Roll under the spiked rollers and jump over the next one. On the other side is a little puzzle.

Fire Ball Puzzle

On the entrance platform are 2 cages that hold the fire balls. There’s one fire ball on the left and one on the right.

Use the staff to raise the pillar and jump across to the ledge. Drop the fire ball down to the ground and roll it towards the spiked pillar with the red skull on top. Jump onto the fire ball and then onto the pillar for Red Skull #4.

Roll the fire ball up the stairs and push it into the cage. Head across to the right side and roll the second fire ball up the stairs. Push it into the other cage. The bridge will extend. Grab the Submachine Gun and you’ll get attacked by skeletons and beetles.

When you’re done head up the stairs and grab the Amulet on the sarcophagus. This one gives you a scatter shot.

Spiked Pillars and Archers

Drop down on the right and grab all the gems. Climb up to the higher ground on the right and watch out for the skeleton archers on top of the spiked pillars.

Beetles and more skeletons will appear once you’ve killed them. Grapple up to the hook on the pillar above and use the staff to raise the column.

Jump over to the higher ground and back to the pillar with the grapple hook on it for Red Skull #5.

Use the magic column to reach the bridge above and get ready for a final chase scene.

Ammit Pursuit

You’ll need to move quickly to not get caught by Ammit. Use rolls to move more quickly. Along the way you’ll find 5 sets of 3 Arrow Traps that you’ll need to quickly blow up for the Arrow Trap challenge.

After blowing up the second set of three raise the pillar and jump across the moving spiked pillars. On the last one you’ll find a Maximum Ammo Upgrade.

Continue along the bridge, jumping or dodging the spiked rollers. Blow up the last 3 sets of 3 Arrow Traps to complete that challenge. Grapple up the final wall and leave the tomb.

Shrine of Osiris

The pyramid is closed for now but we’ll be back later to complete the time trial. Run across the bridge to the west and you’ll find the Shrine of Osiris.

Guardian Boss Fight

As you approach the shrine a Guardian leaps up and attacks. Other enemies will spawn in from the sides but if you focus on the Guardian with the Submachine Gun you’ll be able to take him out pretty quickly.

You’ll get the first fragment of Osiris and place it on the shrine. Before heading to the next tomb we’ll pick up some of the 10 Red Skulls in this area.

If you want to know where to go at any point during the game you can raise the staff near one of the Osiris statues and it will point you in the right direction.

Go to the west of the shrine and drop down to the path with the spikes. Run along the path to the north and climb up the ladder for Red Skull #1.

Go back to the shrine and go northwest up the stairs to the breakable wall. From here go east and climb the ladder for Red Skull #2.

Go back to the shrine and raise the column just to the southwest of it. Jump across to Red Skull #3.

Drop down and head across to the east. Jump across the pillars by the long stairway for Red Skull #4.

Drop down, head up the stairs and run along to the south. Grab Red Skull #5 from on top of the scaffolding.

Go back and enter the next tomb which is just south of the Shrine of Osiris.

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