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Tomb of the Torturer


Gold Point Challenge: 100000
Time Trial: 3:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Light every brazier (32)

Kill 10 enemies with spikes in the maze
Survive the final battle without using bombs or weapons

One of the challenges is to light every brazier so to make your task easier equip an item that gives you fire projectiles. When you enter the lights will go out. You may want to light your torch as you enter new areas.

Head down the stairs and go through the broken walls. Take a left, jump the gap, light the brazier and grab Red Skull #1.

Go back and head to the right. A mark of Set appears and enemies spawn from it. If you’re going for the gold point challenge kill all the enemies rather than using your staff to remove the mark.

Pull out the gold handle to retract the spikes. Jump across to the pillar and stand on the pressure plate. This opens the gate.

Remember to light the braziers in this room and the brazier half way up the stairs if you’re going for the challenge. Up the top you’ll see more marks of Set. Take out the enemies that spawn and continue on your way.

Head past the spike pit and pull out the gold handle. This lifts up the wooden platforms above. Quickly run back, lift up the pillar with your staff and jump across.

Spike Maze

The next room is the spike maze. You’ll need to bring 3 fire balls into the cages to open the exit gate. If you’re going for the challenge to kill 10 enemies with spikes then run around to trigger the spikes and lure enemies into them.

Just to the north you’ll spot a Max Ammo Upgrade. Spend some time checking all the corners for the braziers as this is an easy room to miss one.

The first fire ball is right by the entrance. Grab it and place it in the cage.

The second ball is behind the cages but you’ll need to loop around to blast it back and the third is towards the back left side of the maze.

On the way make sure you grab Red Skull #2. I missed the first time around and had to grab it during the time trial.

In the far left corner of the maze you’ll find the High Powered Submachine Gun. Once the 3 fire balls are placed in their cages the exit gate will open. Go through and head up the stairs. By now you should have lit 22 braziers.

Trapped Hallway

Hit the switch so the gate behind the pressure plate is open. Place a bomb on the switch and run along the hallway to the pressure plate. The second gate will open. Continue around the long way to pick up Red Skull #3.

Sandy Passage

Make your way around to a sandy passage where you’ll get attacked by Scarabs. Light all the braziers. You should be at 27 of 32 and continue down the stairs.

Spike Room Puzzle

For this puzzle you’ll need to stand on all 3 pressure plates while avoiding the spikes. There’s also a red skull just behind the second pressure plate. Jump across to it and then run back.

Step on the third pressure plate and make your way back to the pillar. Lift it up and grapple across the spikes. Stand on the pressure plate on the other side to lower a gate in the spike pit. Go down the stairs and make sure you light the braziers down here. They should be the last ones.

Go back and walk forwards towards the gate. A gate behind you will rise up and spikes will appear on the ground.


Make your way along the ledges while avoiding the spikes. White circles will give you a warning before they appear.

Make sure to grab the Max Health Upgrade before jumping across to the next platform where the final battle takes place.

Final Battle

If you’re going for the challenge to not use weapons of bombs for this battle just dodge the spikes and roll past the enemies. Hopefully they’ll kill themselves on the spikes.

After the battle continue up the ledges and grapple up the final one. Run through the trapped room, picking up Red Skull #5 along the way.

Head to the exit and leave the tomb. You’ll find another piece of the Osiris statue. As you leave the tomb you’ll see another tomb open.


Head all the way to the west and use the grapple to climb over the edge of the cliff for Red Skull #4.

Continue up the stairs to the north, lift up the pillar by the tomb entrance and grab Red Skull #5 on top of it.

We’ll explore this tomb later. For now head south for the final Challenge Tomb.

Challenge Tomb #5

Jump over the spikes where the ice vents are turned off and place a bomb behind the pillar. Jump back and step on the pressure plate to lower the pillar. Explode the bomb to blast the time bomb over the spikes.

Place the time bomb on the pressure plate to turn off the ice vents around the sides and run around to grab the loot, a Heavy Grenade Launcher and a Max Health Upgrade.

Run back before the time bomb explodes and leave the tomb. From here continue south to the Tomb of the Pharaoh.


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