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Tomb of the Embalmer


Gold Point Challenge: 100000
Time Trial: 10:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Avoid taking damage from Bone Saws

Bomb 5 Crocodiles off ledges
Don’t grab any Time Bombs

The tomb entrance is just next to the previous tomb. Interact with the pillar to open the entrance. The gold point challenge is quite difficult because it’s so easy to take damage. If you do just restart from the previous checkpoint.

Grab the Time Bomb from the left and place it on the pressure plate to the right. If you’re going for the challenge you’ll need to bomb it into position.

Once it’s on the pressure plate the fire vent will turn off so you can continue down the stairs. Two Crocodiles spawn from a Mark of Set. If you’re going for the challenge lure them down the stairs and then bomb it off the edge.

You can do this for all the Crocodiles that spawn around this area.

To turn off the fire vents so you can reach the ammo upgrade you’ll need to grapple onto the hook and do a figure 8 around the pillars. That way you can abseil directly down to the pressure plate.

With the vents turned off jump across for the Max Ammo Upgrade. Continue down the stairs and use the Time Bomb on the pressure plate to lift up the ledges so you can get past the fire vents.

Make your way down the stairs and across the circular platforms. If you want to complete the challenge you’ll need to make it across without getting hit by the saws.

On the other side you’ll see lots of fire vents, a Time Bomb and pressure plate. Take out the Crocodiles and bring the Time Bomb over so you can use the wooden platforms to get up to the next ledge.

Step on the pressure plate to turn off all the vents and then blast a time bomb up to the higher ledge. Use it to jump up to the ledge above and climb up for Red Skull #1.

Head through to the next arena and take out all the enemies as they spawn in. A gap at the back of the arena has Red Skull #2. You can drop down from the back or do a small jump across to it from the front.

Continue up the stairs to the northwest and jump across the next circular platform section. Jump across the platforms to the northeast, east and then south until you find the Max Health Upgrade.

Then head to the northwest and west until you find Red Skull #3.

Head back to the northeast and get off the platforms.

In the next fire vent section you’ll again need to use a Time Bomb to weigh down a pressure plate. You’ll also need to use a Time Bomb, stand on it, let it explode and jump at the same time to reach Red Skull #4.

Head up the stairs and pull the lever. Jump across the wooden platforms to the alcove. Make your way up as the stone blocks close in on you.

Red Skull #5 is across to the right. You can grapple over to it once you get high enough and the ring is released.

Continue forwards and leave the tomb.

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