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The Black Morass

For this mission there are two Orc bases that you need to destroy but they are both accessed by going over the bridge over the river in the middle of the map. If you can hol this bridge your town will be safe.

You begin with a small town in the south-east corner with a Barracks and a small number of troops. It will take a while before you can build up an army to take out the Orc forces.

The Gold Mine is in the very south-east corner of the map. There’s another one directly to the north.

Take your few starting units and send them north to take out the few Orcs standing around. Continue pushing north until you find the bridge. Don’t go over it yet but just hold this side to prevent Orcs from crossing over.

Once you have an army of Knights, Archers, Catapults and a few Clerics to heal your damaged units send them south to take out the first base. Once that’s clear move north to take out the second base. Once all the Orcs have been destroyed the mission will end.

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