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The Forest of Elwynn

Objectives: Destroy the Orcish outpost

You begin this mission with nothing but a Town Hall and two Farms. There’s a Gold Mine below the trees to the south and another to the north. If you really need more Gold there’s a third mine in the south-west corner.

The large forest area to the north protects your camp. There’s just one small passage connecting the Human and Orc controlled lands. Place a garrison of troops here to kill any Orcs that try to get through to your base. The Orcs have a garrison of their own here so you’ll need a significant number of troops to hold the pass.

In this mission you can train Knights once you’ve built the Blacksmith. The Orcs will also have access to Raiders and there’s a fair number of them guarding their outpost. Move forwards slowly towards the Orc base with half a dozen or more Archers. Slowly whittle down the enemy forces and then move in to destroy all the Orc structures.

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