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Northshire Abbey

Objectives: Protect Northshire Abbey and then destroy the Orc camp

Quickly race your army of 4 Footmen, 4 Archers and 4 Knights over the bridge to the Northshire Abbey and take out the enemy units. You will be facing a Human enemy this time so they have access to all the same units as you do.

Repair any damaged buildings and replace any that were destroyed in the attack. You have a Gold Mine directly to the north and another over the bridge to the west if you need it.

You can be attacked from the north or the north-east so keep your army in those locations while you’re trying to build up.

The Catapult is a new unit for this mission and you’ll definitely want to build a few. I like to place either Knights or Footmen on the front line, Archers behind them and 2 to 4 Catapults behind the Archers.

Move your army forwards and draw out as many enemies as you can. Replace any of your troops that fall during battle. Once you reach the town start taking out the structures, focusing on the enemy Barracks first of all. Once all enemy units and structures have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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