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Objectives: Destroy the Orcish outpost

Move your Peasants down to the south to find the closest mine. There is another mine directly to the west and one to the north west.

The swampy lakes dotted around this map make it difficult to know were the enemy is coming from. Luckily your outpost is in the corner of the map so you can place a few units to the west and a few to the north. They should catch most enemies trying to wander into your camp.

Train a group of 4 Footmen and 4 Archers and send them across the map to the Orc outpost. Keep a few Archers at home to protect from any attacks that get around your army.

When you get close to the Orc base move up slowly with the Footmen in front of the Archers. Send out one Footman to draw out the enemy and run him back to your line of Footmen. The Archers should do most of the work and the Footmen are there to protect them.

Once you’ve drawn out most of the Orcs send in your army to destroy their Outpost. Start with the Barracks and then clear out the rest of the buildings. Once the last Orc and Orc structure has fallen the mission will be complete.

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