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The Bloody Baron will tell Geralt a little of what happened to Ciri in the form of a flashback. Ciri doesn’t have that many abilities at the moment but she’ll get more as you progress with the story. For now she just has the normal movement and a dash instead of Geralt’s roll.

Follow the river bed until you come across three Wolves and a little girl called Gretka. Gather alchemy ingredients as you go because some of them will be needed later.

Kill the Wolves and then have a chat with Gretka. Apparently her father left her out in the forest to follow the trail of treats. Continue on your way with Gretka, down the river. You’ll come across another pack of Wolves. Take them out as before and make sure to pick up the loot.

Somewhere nearby you’ll come across a mangled corpse in a boat. Ciri will order Gretka to look away while you examine the corpse.

The eyes are bloodshot, showing you that he died recently. The liver is missing from the belly and something has gnawed off one of his legs. The chest has been crushed and he was in so much pain that he bit through his tongue. Quite a gruesome ending for this poor fellow.

Once you’ve examined the wounds Ciri will conclude that he was killed by a Werewolf. To prepare for the fight you’ll need to craft some Cursed Oil for your Silver blade. The ingredients are as follows.

1 x Dog Tallow
1 x Wolf’s Liver
2 x Fool’s Parsley
3 x Wolfsbane

If you don’t take the time to inspect the body Ciri might think the man was killed by a Fiend and make the wrong oil.

Once the Cursed Oil is ready follow Gretka into a cave to face the “King of the Wolves”. After the battle Ciri will take Gretka to Crow’s Perch where they’ll meet the Baron. This is all the Bloody Baron will reveal until Geralt finds out what happened to his family.

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