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A Princess in Distress forms part of the large Family Matters main quest. When you reach the Pellar’s hut he’ll agree to help you but only if you can find his goat called Princess. He gives you a bell which is supposed to lure the goat and sends you off into the forest to find her.

Follow the marker into the forest and start ringing the bell. You will probably be attacked by Wolves along the way so be prepared. Use your Witcher sense to either listen for the goat or see its tracks. When you find it ring the bell and the goat should follow you for a short distance.

Princess is easily distracted and she’ll most likely stop for some yummy berries. When this happens you can ring the bell again or cast Axii on her. At one point she’ll run off. Follow her and you’ll come across an angry Bear. Defeat the bear and protect Princess. It might be worthwhile searching the cave the bear came from as well.

Lead the goat back to the Pellar to complete the quest. You can now continue with the Family Matters quest.

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