After escaping Meriloft you’ll crash through into Curtis’ house. The first thing you’ll see on the second floor is the stained glass window. Grab the glass pane. Go down the stairs and grab the axe on the right wall. Have a look at the art hanging above the fireplace and ask Curtis about it. Tell him “I like how it matches your decor” and he’ll give it to you.

Walk outside and head to the east. There’s a snake to the west but you can’t do anything there at the moment. If you check it out and get caught blow the trumpet to break free. To the west you’ll find a tree. Hit the tree with the axe and it will wake up and talk to you. Continue to the west into town and pick up the driftwood by the shore.

Broken Age Act 1 Shellmound GlassBroken Age Act 1 Talking Tree

Talk to Marshal and ask him about his hat. Tell him “It looks great on you! Very fancy!” and he’ll give you the bucket.  Go back to Curtis and give him the driftwood. He’ll turn it into a stool for you. Walk to the talking tree and hang the bucket on its branch. She the tree the stool and it’ll throw up in the bucket. Take the sap in the bucket back to Marshal to help with construction.

Head all the way to the east and talk to the two girls guarding the Dead Eye God’s temple. Offer to refill their tear gas and they’ll give you the tear gas shooter. The answer to the riddle is the peach that you found up in Meriloft. Hand it to them and they’ll let you into the temple.

Inside the temple use the art that Curtis gave you on the similar-shaped symbol to the right. The Dead Eye God will awaken. Have a look at the glass pane (laser coil) at the back and you’ll accidentally knock it loose. Touch the pane below it (amplifying quartz) and you’ll break it. Put the glass pane from Curtis’ house in the top socket and place the laser coil below it. Congratulations, you’ve just made a death ray!

Broken Age Act 1 Dead Eye God TempleBroken Age Act 1 Dead Eye God

Walk down the stairs and fill up the tear gas shooter with fish guts. Spray the maidens with it and grab the perfume while they’re not looking. Spray it on yourself and then go back and talk to Marshal to start the festival.

When Mog Chothra arrives use the laser targeting system to take out three of his tentacles. When he has one tentacle left let him grab you. You’ll be up by his face so use the extendable ladder to pry open his mouth. Use the targeting system to fire the laser directly into his mouth and enjoy the ending animation.

Broken Age Act 1 Mog Chothra BattleBroken Age Act 1 Mog Chothra Ladder

This is the end of Act 1. Continue with Broken Age Act 2 here.