Shay is sleeping peacefully in his bedroom. It’s time to get up so head out to the galley and choose your cereal. Pick up the talking spoon and eat your cereal. Before long there’s an “emergency”. You’ll be taken to the control room where you decide which emergency to deal with first.

We’ll go help the avalanche victims. Use your spoon on the ice cream to set the knitted creatures free.

After lunch choose your next emergency. This time we’ll catch the runaway train. When you’re stuck at the top of the hill click on the bridge man to open the bridge and continue on your journey.

After your dinner pill choose another emergency. We’ll take a look at defending the friendship circle. Talk to the knitted creature and get your hug attack.

Broken Age Act 1 Shay Cereal

Broken Age Act 1 Bridge Man

The next morning choose another emergency to deal with. The only one left is to investigate the foreign body. Once on the outside of the ship move to the right and click on the plant. You’ll be given a present, the Grabbin’ Gary Robot, that we can use later.

It’s time to get out of here so take the Train Wreck emergency again. This time when you’re on top of the hill call out to the Bridge Man but before you reach the bridge call out again and he’ll close the bridge. You’ll fall to your doom… or just some soft spongy spikes and meet Marek. He’ll tell you to meet him and gives you a screwdriver.

It’s time to bust out of here so continue on to Breaking Out.