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One Hell of a Time is the final boss fight for Cuphead and can only be reached by getting through the All Bets Are Off! level. This battle faces you off with the Devil and takes place over a number of phases.

Phase 1: Throne Room

The Devil is sitting atop his throne and from there will perform a number of attacks. There are 5 specific attacks you need to watch out for in this phase.

Leg Crush: When the Devil shoots his legs out to either side you know he’s getting ready for a leg crush. The legs will come together from either side of the screen and try to crush you. You’ll need to jump up at the right time. Adding a dash to your jump will keep you in the air a little longer giving you a little more time to avoid this attack.

Minions: Small purple minions will run across the screen. You can see when they’re about to come by watching them in the background. You can shoot them or jump over them.

Dragon: The Devil will transform into a long snake-like creature and reach out across most of the room. You’ll need to crouch at the opposite corner of the screen or in one of the curves of the dragon where there’s space to not get hit.

Spider: The Devil will transform into a spider and hang around at the top of the screen. He’ll attempt to drop down and crush you a few times before returning to his normal self.

Trident: The Devil can use his trident for a number of different attacks. They include Bouncy Balls, Homing Fireballs and Spinning Flames. Once you’ve seen them for the first time you’ll get an idea about how each of the projectiles moves.

Continue avoiding all of the Devil’s attacks and once he’s taken enough damage you’ll move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Giant Devil

The Devil will grow to an enormous size and you’ll only be able to see his face. There will be 5 rocky platforms that you can stand on while fighting the Devil and dodging his attacks. To do damage to the Devil you need to shoot his eyes.

Falling Poker Chips: A poker chip will appear above one of the platforms and drop down onto it. This will happen more or less continuously.

Spinning Axe: When the Devil goes cross-eyed you know he’s about ready to spawn in a Spinning Axe. It moves around in an outward spiralling motion.

Flying Bomb: A Bomb can be seen in the Devil’s eyes and will then pop out of one of his ears. It floats around for a short time and then explodes. Make sure you are as far away from it as possible as when it explodes it has a large radius.

Phase 3: Angry Devil

When this phase begins the two outer platforms will disappear, leaving you with the three in the middle. The Devil has a few new attacks to watch out for.

Falling Poker Chips: Just like the previous phase poker chips will continue to fall down on the platforms.

Blue Bugs: The bugs will spawn from the Devil’s forehead and fly around for a short while. When they curl up they’re getting ready to hurl themselves at you so be ready to jump out of the way.

Purple Demons: These large demons are spawned on either side of the screen and shoot skulls across the center. Occasionally a skull may be pink.

Phase 4: Crying Devil

For the final phase the two outer platforms will disappear, leaving you with only one platform to stand on in the center. A poker chip will continue to fall on the last remaining platform. You’ll need to jump off it on one side and then come back as you land.

The Devil will also cry pink tears which you can parry. You can use the tears to parry for an extra jump which may help you avoid the falling poker chip. Continue shooting upwards until the Devil is defeated once and for all.

Congratulations on defeating this very tricky game!

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