Cuphead is a charming run ‘n gun indie game for single or co-op play. It’s loaded with tough bosses in three worlds with a branching level sequence. Cuphead features hand-drawn cel animations in the theme of a 1930s cartoon. The backgrounds are painted with water colors and you’ll be able to play each level listening to original jazz tunes.

Cuphead is quite a challenging game to beat and you’ll realize right from the first boss that you can expect to die quite often. You start off with 3 lives with which to defeat each level. You can purchase more hearts, weapons and abilities at the store by using gold coins that you can find littered around the run and gun levels.

The goal of Cuphead is to find all of the souls that have run away from the Devil. Cuphead and Mugman must find these souls and defeat them in battle or the Devil will take their souls instead.

Cuphead Walkthrough

World 1: Inkwell Isle 1

Botanic Panic
Clip Joint Calamity
Ruse of an Ooze
Threatenin’ Zeppelin
Floral Fury
Forest Follies
Treetop Trouble
Mausoleum 1

World 2: Inkwell Isle 2

Sugarless Shimmy
Pyramid Peril
Carnival Kerfuffle
Aviary Action
Fiery Frolic
Funfair Fever
Funhouse Frazzle
Mausoleum 2

World 3: Inkwell Isle 3

Honeycomb Herald
Shootin n’ Lootin
Rugged Ridge
Junkyard Jive
Murine Corps
Perilous Piers
High Seas Hi-jinx
Dramatic Fanatic
Railroad Wrath

Finale: Inkwell Hell

All Bets are Off
One Hell of a Time

Cuphead Tips

Before you dive into the harder levels of the game make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the controls in the tutorial.

  • Crouch – Hold down to crouch. Quite often you can crouch to avoid boss attacks.
  • Jump – Tap the jump button for a short jump or hold it for a longer jump.
  • Descend – You can descend from ledges by holding down and pressing jump.
  • Shoot – Press the shoot button to fire. You can have two different weapons in your inventory at any one time.
  • Ex Move – When you attack cards will build up next to your hearts. Once you have a full card you can use it for a special attack.
  • Super – By visiting the Mausoleums you can find super attacks. When you have 5 cards press the Ex Move button for the Super attack.
  • Parry – Anything, absolutely anything that’s pink in the game can be parry slapped. You can also parry slap your mate in co-op mode to revive them. When you successfully parry slap something you’ll gain a card.

Cuphead was produced by Marija and Ryan Moldenhauer for StudioMDHR Entertainment. It was released on September 29th 2017 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Cuphead was first revealed in a Microsoft E3 press conference in 2014 where it stood out for its aesthetic appeal. Since release Cuphead has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and has become far more popular then the producers could have first believed.