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Silver Tower Level 2

Flying Snakes and Gas Spores inhabit this level. The snakes are poisonous so make sure you have some neutralize poison spells ready. Gas Spores are relatively harmless but do explode when killed. Make sure you kill them with ranged weapons or spells.

There are many magic mouths on this level, each of them will give you a riddle that requires you to put a specific item, or items, in their mouths. Luckily most of the items can be found nearby.

1) Stairs down to Silver Tower Level 1 Location 51B.

2) Stairs up to Location 3.

3) Stairs down to Location 2.

4) The plaque on the wall reads “The way through three is two not four.”

5) Plaques on the walls have the number “I” on them.

6) When you enter this room a fireball hits you.

7) Plaques on the walls have the number “III” on them.

8) When you enter this room you’re attacked by a Gas Spore.

9) Plaques on the wall have the number “II” on them.

10) The magic mouth on the wall talks to you. As soon as it finishes quickly move out of the way before it casts a fireball.

11) Flying Snake.

12) The door to the south is stuck. You’ll need to force it open.

13) Rotten Food.

14) Flying Snake.

15) Four Flying Snakes. One of them drops a Darkmoon Key when killed.

16) When you enter this area an apparition materializes and gives you a test. You must choose one of the doors, either the door to the east or the door to the west. The correct answer is the door to the west, Location 17.

17) A Bone Key. The apparition will open the exit and close it again once you have left.

18) When you enter this room you party will take heavy damage and then be teleported to Location 27 where you will find a Bone Key.

19) This door is opened when you give the magic mouth at 40 the Mantis Idol.

20) A Red Gem.

21) A Gas Spore.

22) A Flying Snake.

23) The triangular niche has a Cleric Scroll of Raise Dead and five Potions of Cure Poison.

24) Pushing the Secret Button reveals the hidden room to the east.

25) Banded Armor +2, Leather Boots, Short Sword +3, a cursed Polearm -2 called “Leech”.

26) When you step here the magic mouth will talk to you. On the floor is a Femur and a Skull.

27) Use a Bone Key to open the door to the north.

28) Four Gas Spores guard this room.

29) Flying Snakes. One of them drops a Ring of Adornment when killed. The ring is non-magical.

30) Use a Darkmoon Key to open the door to the north.

31) Flying Snakes.

32) On the floor you’ll find a Composite Bow with 5 Arrows +1, a Potion of Extra Healing and a Scroll. Open the scroll to see a partial map of Silver Tower Level 3.

33) The southern wall is an illusion.

34) The plaque on the southern wall says “Greed may be your downfall. Give what you need not.”

35) There’s a triangular niche in the south wall. When you place a small item in the niche it will turn into a Rock. This works for most items except spellbooks, holy symbols, keys, Khelben’s coin and the mantis idol.

36A-C) A trap. At 36A you’ll be warned to turn back. Continuing to 36B you’ll find a Darkmoon Priest dying and holding down a Pressure Plate. At 36C you’ll find treasure. The only way to get the treasure is to kill the priest. If you kill the priest the door will close behind you, trapping you inside. In other words, the treasure is inaccessible.

37) Use a Darkmoon Key to open the door to the west.

38) The magic mouth on the north wall gives you a riddle. Place Rotten Food into it’s mouth to answer the riddle.

39) Magic mouth. This magic mouth wants 5 Rocks.

40) Magic mouth. To answer this riddle place the Mantis Idol in the mouth. This opens the door at Location 19.

41) Magic mouth. Place a Red Gem in the mouth to answer the riddle. A Red Gem can be found at Location 20.

42) There’s a stone carved mouth on the wall. It doesn’t do anything.

43A-C) Bash the wall to the west to destroy it. The east wall will disappear as well and you’ll be attacked by Flying Snakes from 43B and 43C. At 43B is either a Two-Handed Sword +3 or a Mage Scroll of Disintegration.

44) Magic mouth. The answer to the riddle is either the Long Sword called “Hunger” or the Polearm called “Leech”.

45) Magic mouth. The answer to the riddle is any Potion.

46) Magic mouth. The answer to the riddle is any Scroll or Parchment.

47) The door to the west will open once the magic mouth riddles have been answered at Locations 38, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46.

48) When you reach here you’ll have an encounter with Dran. The door will close behind you, forcing you to go further in the temple.

49) Stairs up to Silver Tower Level 3 Location 1.

50A-B) There’s an invisible teleporter at 50B that teleports the party back to 50A. Press the Secret Button at 50A to turn off the teleporter.

51) Spin trap. When you step here you’ll be spun around 180 degrees.

52) A Flying Snake.

53) A Flying Snake.

54) A Gas Spore. Kill it to get access to the triangular niche behind it to find a Potion off Vitality.

55) A Flying Snake. When it’s killed it drops a Darkmoon Key.

56) A Gas Spore.

57) Mage Scroll of Disintegration.

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