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Frost Giant Prison

The Frost Giants are immune to cold based spells and can inflict massive damages on all party members with their powerful punches. Use Fireballs or Lightning Bolts to weaken or kill them before they get close.

1) This is where you land when you fall down the pit that Dran opens on the Azure Tower Level 4 Location 42A.

2) Mage Scroll of Cone of Cold.

3) A Frost Giant waits at each of these locations and they will attack when you’re in sight.

4) A one-way illusionary wall. You can pass through it when coming from the east but can’t get back from the west.

5) Frost Giant King. After talking with you he’ll turn to dust and the Tongue of Talon will be on the floor.

6) A Portal is on the wall to the south. If you use a Stone Dagger on it you’ll be teleported to Temple Level 2 Location 36. If you use a Stone Gem you’ll be teleported to Catacomb Level 3 Location 17.

7A-F) There are opening and closing pits here. To make it west along the corridor you’ll need to take a detour from 7A, 7B, 7C and then south to the empty tile. Kill the Frost Giants and then wait for the pits at 7A, 7B and 7C to close. The pit at 7B will open and close once more before you can make your way to 7C, 7B and then west to safety.

8A-C) Opening and closing pits. The pit at 8C takes a little while to open.

9A-C) More opening and closing pits.

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