Puzzle 04

Walk forwards and step on the red button. The tube will drop a cube into the pit.

Drop into the pit, place a blue portal on a side wall, pick up the cube and go through. Drop the cube onto the red button and then go through the door to the level exit.

Puzzle 05

Go through to a room with two red buttons, a cube on a platform and an orange portal. Make a blue portal and go through to the platform. Make a blue portal on the other side next to the cube and go through to pick up the cube.

Place the cube on one of the red buttons and then drop down the pit. Place a blue portal on the wall, pick up the second cube and then go through. Put the second cube on the other button and go through the door which will close behind you. Place a blue portal somewhere and go through. Head forwards to the level exit.

Puzzle 06

In this level you have a bouncing ball of light and a receptacle. The ball of light needs to hit the receptacle to activate the lift. Place a portal on the roof directly above the receptacle and the ball of light will go through to hit it.

Get on the lift and go through the level exit.

Puzzle 07

In this level you have a ball of light coming from the roof in the middle, an orange portal in the floor and a receptacle on the left wall. Place the blue portal on the wall directly opposite the receptacle. When the ball of light hits it the platform will be activated. Place a blue portal on the roof above the platform on the left side.

When the platform is under the blue portal drop down the orange portal to land on the platform. Wait for the platform to move to the right and then jump across to the level exit.

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