Puzzle 08

Walk into the room ahead with a pool of acid on the floor. The device to your right will shoot light balls to the wall ahead. Place the blue portal where the light is about to hit.

The light ball will go through the blue portal and out the orange portal. Let it bounce off the wall and before it goes back through the orange portal place the blue portal on the left wall opposite the light receptacle.

The light ball will come out the blue portal and hit the receptacle which activates the platform. Place the blue platform on the wall to your right and go through to the orange portal. Replace the blue portal and put it on the wall opposite.

When the platform gets near go through the orange portal and jump onto the platform. Get off at the other end and enter the lift.

Puzzle 09

Puzzle 09 is really very simple even though GLaDOS claims it’s impossible. Place a blue portal on the wall, pick up the cube walk through to the raised platform with the cube. Place a blue portal on the other side of the wall. You’ll need to shoot through the small window.

Pick up the cube and go through the orange portal to the other side. Place the cube on the red button and take the lift to the next level.

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