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Cipher Coins: 30
Music Scrolls: 2
Arcana: Big Boom

As soon as you enter the keep head to the left for Music Sheet #6.

Head back to the right. Use your jump, boost jump and double-jump to get good distance. Continue past the cauldrons and then start heading up the ladders to the first checkpoint.

Make your way to the right and boost-jump up to the ladder in the roof. Break the blocks to the left and right for Cipher Coins. Head up the ladder, grab the Cipher Coins and continue to the right. you’ll find a chest here with the Flare Wand. You can’t use it but you can exchange for something else when you meet Chester.

Drop all the way down and head to the right for the second checkpoint. Make your way past the chandeliers and down the ladder. Boost jump across to the left and use the revolving door by holding ‘Down’.

Boost jump over to the chest with Chester inside and he’ll trade the Flare Wand for something you can use, the Big Boom. Head back through the revolving door and up the ladder to the right.

Make your way to the top of the keep for the third Checkpoint and head to the right past the Gryphon. You can boost jump over it rather than killing it. Continue right past the fourth checkpoint and break the blocks to go down.

Continue all the way down to the fifth checkpoint and break the wall to the left. Enter through to a secret room with Music Sheet #7.

Make your way to the right using either the books or boost jumps. Climb up the ladder and head right past another Gryphon. Get the last checkpoint and get ready for the boss fight.

King Knight Boss Fight

The King Knight is easier to defeat with the Plague Knight. He has all of the same attacks but you can easily boost jump or double jump up and rain down bombs from above. When he stops to blow the trumpet in either corner is a good time to get in multiple hits.

Once he’s been defeated you’ll end up back in the Potionarium with Mona. When you head back out to the map another knight will be wandering around. Confront him for a small mini-level where you can grab a few extra gems.

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