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The first two music sheets are found in exactly the same locations as the level for Shovel Knight. Music Sheet #1 is found by breaking a wall to the left of a skeleton and heading through to the secret area.

The second is found by breaking the wall on the right in the area with the purple cannon. Boost your way over to the right for Music Sheet #2.


After blowing up the house and dropping down to the underground stream walk immediately to the left and blow up the wall. Behind it you’ll find Music Sheet #3.

Inside the Potionarium break the wall on the right side to find Music Sheet #4.

Head all the way to the left and drop a bomb in the spout of Oolong. He’ll give you Music Sheet #5.

Pridemoor Keep

From the start head left and jump over the gap. You’ll see Music Sheet #6 floating on a ledge.

Continue through the level to the fourth checkpoint. Break the blocks to go down and continue all the way down to the fifth checkpoint. Break the wall to the left to enter a secret room. Use the moving platforms to grab Music Sheet #7 in the center of the room.

The Lich Yard

At the second checkpoint where you kill the group of skeletons climb up the ladder. Boost up to the moving platform and then boost up to the ledge on the top left. Walk to the screen to the left and boost over to Music Sheet #8.

After the third checkpoint jump onto the ledge to the right and knock back the helmet onto the moving platform. Stand on it to lower it enough so you can get through to the chest with Music Sheet #9.

Forest of Fishing

Make your way through this tricky level to the end. Fish all the fishing spots for extra Cipher Coins if you’re collecting them as well. Search through the chest at the end of the level to find Music Sheet #10.

Troupple Pond

The Troupple King will only appear if you have the Pandemonium Cloak which is given to you in the Village when you have all the Cipher Coins or if you have the Troupple Chalice from the Troupple Acolyte in the Armor Outpost.

Once the King appears walk to the edge of the pier and drop a Bait Bomb. You should pull up Music Sheet #11 and a load of apples.


Head through the level to the first checkpoint. Break the walls and kill the rat on the right so it explodes the wall above it, revealing a ladder. Climb up the ladder and make your way across the moving platforms to the chest with Music Sheet #12.

Music Sheet #13 is found after the second checkpoint hovering near the top of the room. Boost up to grab it.


Once you’ve completed one of the main levels from the second area Reize should appear on the map. Go and defeat him for Music Sheet #14.

Armor Outpost

There are two music sheets in the Armor Outpost. You’ll need to repair the catapult before you can get access. Music Sheet #15 is by the roof of a house just to the right of where you land.

The second sheet, Music Sheet #16, is given to you when you defeat Mr. Hat in the Fancy Shop.

Lost City

When you reach the first checkpoint take the exit to the top right. Jump boost your way over the lava to the chest on the other side. Open it to find a bunch of gems and Music Sheet #17.

From the second checkpoint make your way all the way across to the right. From the lava steps jump boost across to the exit in the top right. You’ll enter a room with Music Sheet #18.

Iron Whale

When you reach the first checkpoint head to the right and break the wall with the shell in it just past the pink tentacle. This leads to a secret room with three pink tentacles and a chest. Kill the first tentacle and fish that spot for Music Sheet #19.

When you reach the third checkpoint climb up the ladder above and break the wall to the right with the shell in it. Jump across the bubble platforms to the chest where you’ll find Music Sheet #20.

Stranded Ship

There are two Music Sheets on this level and both are found towards the end of the level. Once you reach the third checkpoint climb the ladders to the top and take the exit to the left. Hop down the moving platforms to Music Sheet #21.

Head across to the right and you’ll see Music Sheet #22 on a ledge. Jump up to grab it.

Bottomless Quarry

To make it through the Bottomless Quarry you’ll need the Vat from the Iron Whale. Once you reach the end you’ll find two chests. The first has Music Sheet #23 inside.

Shivering Sprint

Use the Fleet Flask to make it through the Shivering Sprint and you’ll be rewarded with Music Sheet #24 at the end of the level. The Fleet Flask is found in the Clockwork Tower.

Hall of Champions