Once aboard the DeepShip you’ll need to get some information about the two thugs who kidnapped you. Open your inventory and use the Hand icon on the Personal Grooming Assistant to get some Hair. Place the Hair on the DNA Scanner. Jebba will stop you. Go and talk to him until he agrees to let you use the scanner. Place the Hair on the Scanner. Press the Scan button and then the Imprint Datacard button. Grab the Datacard and use it on the ComPost console just next to the transport pad. The hair belonged to a guy called Nigel Rancid.

After speaking with Stellar you’ll teleport back to Roger’s room.  Use the Hand icon on the ComPost to listen to a communication from Commander Kielbasa. He tells you to transport to Delta Burksilon V.

Use the ComPost to transport to the Transporter. From there you’ll be beamed down to Dr. Beleauxs’ lab. Leave the room and click on the control panel in the lift. Take the lift to the Quarters.

Walk to the right and you’ll be in Sharpei’s room. She wants you to put you to work. Grab the Mop and start cleaning. When she asks you to fix the toilet handle use the Hand icon on the toilet. Finally, when she asks for her medicine open the glass mirror in the bathroom which has the medicine cabinet behind it.

It’s a trap! When gas starts entering the room grab the Piston at the base of Sharpei’s bed and then use the Piston on the door leading out of the room. Stellar will beam in to save you but get caught inside the room when it explodes.

After the cut-scene you’ll be back on board the DeepShip during Stellar’s funeral. Click the Eulogy on Roger and he’ll read it. After the service use the transporter to go back to Roger’s room. Click on the ComPost for a private message from Stellar. She’s still alive!

Take the transporter to the bridge and speak with Commander Kielbasa. He thinks you’re crazy and won’t help look for Stellar. If you’re going to find her you’ll have to do it alone.

Use the ComPost and click on the Database button. Select option #1 for the Entity Database. Selection option #2 Known Races and go to the listing on Vulgars. Read the entire entry to find out about the “Vulgar nerve pinch” and the Holojoint program on it #5551212.

Transport to the Holocabana and use the console. Turn the console on and then type in #5551212 to learn how to perform the Vulgar nerve pinch.

Transport to 8-Rear and speak with the android Sydney. Speak with him three times and he’ll give you his Arm and Eye. Transport over to Sick Bay.

Open the drawer on the far right to find a Bottle of Morphin. Transport to the Shuttle Bay Entrance and use the Hand icon on the smaller guard to perform the Vulgar never pinch. Roger will get put in a detention cell.

After a little while Dorff will come in with your food. Grab all the food from the tray and open your inventory. You’ll need to use the food to make a replica of Roger to fool the guard.

Grab the Shish Kebabs and put them on the Ear-Shaped Beans. Now use it with the Rack of Orat, then the Pastries, Tubers, Melon and the Plate of Pasta lastly for the hair. Grab the “Replica” and place it on the bench.

When Dorff returns and sends the food cart back into Roger’s cell climb onto the cart. Now you’re free use the ComPost to transport back to the Shuttle Bay Entry.

Open your inventory and use the Morphin on the Donut. Hide in the crevice to the left side of the big guard and put the Donut on the plate of donuts. He’ll eat it and start morphing. Use the Hand icon on the smaller guard to perform the Vulgar nerve pinch. Search the smaller guard to find a Keyring.

Click on the button to the left of the door leading to the shuttle bay. Use Sydney’s Arm to click on the right button. Inside the shuttle bay open your inventory and click on the button on the Keyring to find out which ship you need to take and to deactivate the alarm. Use the Hand icon to climb aboard the ship.

Grab the Recall Notice from the back of the left seat and open your inventory to read it. Take a note of the symbols that are marked with the positive and negative signs. Sit down in the left seat and press the Power button. Click on the ICD button. You’ll need to mix the fuel in the right quantities.

The confirmation code is LASAGNE. This relates to the periodic table of elements. Set Fuel Tank #1 to Lanthanum (La), Fuel Tank #2 to Sulfur (S), Fuel Tank #3 to Silver (Ag) and the Catalyst to Neon (Ne).

Click on the Initiation button to start the retinal scan. Grab Sidney’s Eye from your inventory and hold it up to the retinal scanner. You’ll take off and start your journey to find Stellar.

Before long Roger gets caught in a Super Double Reverse Anti-Anomaly. After the cut-scene proceed to the next section.

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