Roger is handcuffed in the bad guys hideout. After the cut-scene use the Hand icon on the Keys dangling from the post just to Roger’s right. This will draw the attention of one of the thugs who will take the keys away. Use the Hand icon on the Nail that held the keys and Roger will grab it. Open your inventory and use the Nail on yourself to open up the handcuffs.

On the wall to the right you’ll see an Elvis Tapestry. Use the Hand icon on the tapestry to tear one side of it off the wall. Do this again to take the Elvis Tapestry. Use the Elvis Tapestry on the floor and Roger will lay it down. Use the Hand icon on the Tapestry and Roger will do a little dance on it, building up electricity. Use the Hand icon on the thug at the computer to give him a shock and knock him out.

Search the thug for the Keys. Grab the Datacorder from the right side of the the desk and keep searching through the CDs until you find the Popular Tecktronics CD. Also grab the Moddie Chip off the dehumidifier to the right.

Use the Popular Tecktronics CD on the computer and read the article ‘From Datacorder to Homing Beacon — Fast!‘ and then use the Keys on the lock by the door to leave this room.

Look in the box next to the other thug to find another Moddie. Look in your inventory and take the ‘Churlish’ label off of the Moddie and place it on the ‘Burlesque’ Moddie. Give the Moddie to the thug and he’ll turn into a burlesque dancer.

Take his Belt from the floor when he leaves and look at the Belt in your inventory. Take the Personal Grooming Assistant and the Damping Field Actuator off the Belt.

Click on the Damping Field Actuator to turn off the force field to the terrace. Walk out on the terrace and look at your Datacorder. You’ll need to program it so that it works like a Homing Beacon. Open the Datacorder.

There are 5 arrays, A through E, and 3 components to each array. You can change the Plate, the Chip or the IRK. You can move the plates or chips by placing over to the right of the Datacorder. You’ll need to configure them so they look like this. Click on the image to see it full size or read the text below.

A) Plate: RF; Chip: SPN; IRK: 9
B) Plate: TT; Chip: DEN; IRK: 7
C) Plate: PS; Chip: FER; IRK: 1
D) Plate: FC; Chip: REP; IRK: 5
E) Plate: SE; Chip: DIM; IRK: 3

Once that’s done close the Datacorder and click on the Power Button to turn it on. Stellar Santiago will arrive to rescue you and the thug will throw you back your Fish. After the cut-scene you’ll find yourself on the Sick Bay of the SCS DeepShip.

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