The Curse of the Blood Elves is the Alliance campaign where you follow the story of Prince Kael’thas and Lady Vashj as the Blood Elves and Naga work together. Maiev recaptures Illidan and he must be freed once more.

Curse of the Blood Elves Walkthrough

1) Misconceptions – Kael’thas must repair all of the Observatories.

2) A Dark Covenant – A large Scourge army approaches the city and with most of his forces taken away Kael’thas must defeat them.

3) The Dungeons of Dalaran – After Lady Vashj rescues Kael’thas from his magical prison cell the two of them must rescue the other elves before killing the warden.

Secret Level) The Crossing – A fun tower defense level where you must protect the portal from being destroyed.

4) The Search for Illidan – Maiev and the Night Elves have capture Illidan. You must rescue him by escorting the Prison Wagon until it reaches your base.

5) Gates of the Abyss – Destroy the 4 portals and prevent the demons from entering Outland. You get to play both as the Naga and the Humans for this mission.

6) Lord of Outland – Illidan and his new followers must confront Magtheridon and gain control of Outland.