Find and Repair the Observatories – Repair the 3 Observatories and get a full view of the area.

Find the Hidden Caches (Optional) – There are 4 hidden caches dotted around the map. Find them for extra gold and loot.


Maul of Strength

Lion’s Ring

Manual of Health

Tome of Intelligence +2

Claws of Attack +3


Misconceptions Walkthrough

This is a fairly easy starting map for the Blood Elves and all you need to do is find the three Observatories and have one of your workers repair them. There is one near your starting location, one in the center island and the last one is on the north western land mass.

You begin the mission with Kael’thas and a small party of elves. A worker is already repairing the first observatory so you won’t need to worry about that one. Use Kael’thas’ Flame Strike to burn down the trees to the north. Go out to the coast and a little to the west you’ll find a group of Murlocs. One of them will drop a Maul of Strength.

Hidden Caches – make your way south through the ruins and pretty soon you’ll get the optional quest to find the hidden caches. They’re really not that hard to find but they are spaced all over the map. The first one is in the ruins, the others are in the south east, south west and north west corners of the map.

The first cache will have a Tiny Castle. This will help you to establish a base once you get across to the central island.

Explore outside the ruins and grab the second hidden cache. There are some Brigands to the west with a Lion’s Ring and around the trees at the western-most point of this island you’ll come across a tough Moss Covered Granite Golem. He drops the Claws of Attack +3.

Find and Repair the Observatories – The Naga will help you across the water to the central island. Use your items to establish a base and bring the worker who repaired the first observatory across as well so he can mine the gold mine.

You’ll be attacked from the west by the Scourge so set up a few Towers to defend your base. Have a few workers repair the second Observatory and then send your forces over the water once more to the north west to build another base next to the mine.

While you’re building your bases you can explore the rest of the map and pick up the remaining two hidden caches. Otherwise clear out the enemies blocking the third Observatory and have your workers repair it to complete this chapter.

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