Dimensional Gates – Use Illidan to close each of the four portals.

Draenei Base (Optional) – Destroy the orange Fel Orc Base.


Gates of the Abyss Walkthrough

This chapter is actually quite easy once you have the right units. When you begin Illidan will be closing the first dimensional gate. There are another three located in the other corners of the map. Illidan needs three minutes to close each gate. Use your other heroe’s spells to fend off the demons who come through the gate. You can quickly build a few more units to help out if you want but you should be fine.

Once the first portal is closed you can claim the second mine to the north east of the base. Red Dragons will attack from the north so make sure your northern side is well protected with Towers.

The easiest way to defeat this mission is to use the Naga Coutl unit. They fly, do a ton of damage and only cost 2 food each. Upgrade their armor and attack damage before going for the other portals. Coutls can be trained in the Shrine of Azshara.

Draenei Base – When you move your units to the south you’ll encounter the Draenei at war with the orange Fel Orcs. They ask you to destroy the orange base. Wait for the Draenie to attack and follow in afterwards with your heroes, a few ground units and Coutls. You can now claim the orange gold mine and take over their base.

The Draenei will attack the other orc bases around the map. You don’t need to defeat the other orcs but if you do follow along behind the Draenei to make your job easier.

Dimensional Gates – Bring your heroes and other ground units along with a group of Coutl to each of the portals. The Coutl should make short work of any demons that come from the gate and after three minutes the portal will be closed. Avoid the other orc bases and just go straight for the ports. Once all of them are closed the mission will be complete.

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