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Mission 41: Protect the People I

The next four missions don’t have any new collectibles. Only once you get to mission 45 will there be something new to find.

For this mission you’ll need to eavesdrop on 3 groups of soldiers and contact the refugees. The refugees will ask you for food once you find them. Many of the enemies are now resurrected soldiers and will spot you much more quickly.

The first refugees are in the small hut guarded by a Defender. Take out the nearby soldiers and see what they want.

These refugees want food so go out and find the 4 bowls of food for them. There are 3 bowls back in the ruined village and the last bowl is a bit further on from where you found the refugees. Grab them all and bring them back to complete this mini-mission.

Continue along the path and you’ll spot the first group of Soldiers. Hide in the grass and listen to them.

Head further along for the second group. You can hang off the fence to listen to them.

The final group is up the hill a little. Luckily you can eavesdrop on them from quite far away.

Once you have all the information and have helped the refugees continue on to the portal to escape.

Mission 42: Protect the People II

For this mission you’ll need to contact 3 groups of refugees. Each of them will have a little mini-mission for you to complete. The first group can be found at the base of the lookout platform. They want you to find some food.

Just like the last mission go out and find the 4 sacks of food for them and bring them back. You might as well take out all the Soldiers along the way because the second group of refugees, on the right side of the village, want you to rid the village of Soldiers.

Finish off any Soldiers and return to the refugees to let them know the coast is clear.

The third group of regees in one of the buildings on the left side want you to rescue one of the peasants. The peasant is quite far away but luckily you only need to take him to the portal and not back to the refugees house. The peasant can be found in the house at the top of the hill. We’ve been here a few times before.

With that done head back to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 43: Protect the People III

This mission involves assassinating the 4 Necromancers. If you kill a Soldier near them they can resurrect them. The first Necromancer is in the large building ahead but he’s connected to perhaps 10 other Soldiers.

Enter into the large building on the ground floor. Sneak around the rooms until you see the Necromancer by himself in a side room.

This is the perfect time for a Shadow Kill. Quickly leave the building and head towards the next target. Jump onto the roof and head to the back corner. The second Necromancer will be down below.

Use Shadow Kill if you have it or hide in the grass behind him before taking him out. Follow the path by the red arches to the third target. It’s hard to get close to this one so once again take advantage of Shadow Kill if you have it. Other wise use Wraith or Smoke Bombs.

The final target is in a large barn. You can actually see him by looking through a hole in the roof.

Unfortunately a Defender is constantly staring at him. You may need to use multiple abilities in quick succession to deal with this situation if you don’t want to get spotted. An Amnesia Needle to the Defender, a Smoke Bomb by the Necromancer and you should be able to take out your target.

Head back to the Portal or cast Homeward Seal if you have it to complete the mission.

Mission 44: Protect the People IV

For the final Protect the People mission you’ll need to eliminate 6 Necromancers this time. The method is essentially the same. Use Shadow Vision to locate the Necromancers and then look for a safe spot to assassinate each of the targets. It’s a little harder if you don’t want to get spotted but luckily many of the Necromancers are fairly isolated. Using Shadow Kill at a distance is very helpful for these types of missions.

Mission 45: Looking for Clues

Collectibles: Karustsuba Blade, Essence Runes: Toughness

You’ll be back at Akatsuchi’s Palace for this one, and there are 2 collectibles to find. First you’ll need to listen to enemy soldiers to find out what’s going on. Make your way up towards the palace grounds, hide in the grass and listen to the soldiers.

Then you’ll need to find out where Tsubuyaku came from. This involves climbing down the hole in the center of the grounds. Use Wraith to turn invisible so you can climb down without being spotted.

When you drop down follow the only path around the corner. Take out the Scorcher and follow the path around to the left until you see a greeny glow in one of the side rooms. Dash through the hole for the Essence Runes: Toughness.

Sneak into the wooden structure nearby and grab Clue #1 from the ground floor. Jump up to the walkways above, sneak past the guards and grab Clue #2 from the shelf.

Drop down the far side and sneak around the corner for Clue #3. None of these should be difficult to find. Go out the other door and then up the stairs.

Up the top you’ll get another objective marker. Smash the barrels in front of the alcove and pick up the Diary. Continue up the stairs to the top and go out the front door. Jump up to the wire holding the lights in the front yard and shadow dash back to the higher level of the building.

Go through the open window, take out the Priest and shadow leap up the hole in the roof on the left side. Inside this room you’ll find the Kurotsuba Blade.

Make your escape to end the mission.

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