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Mission 21: Help

Run forwards towards the objective marker and you’ll find out that it’s too late to help the peasant militia. Instead you’re going to avenge their deaths. You have 10 targets to take out so this is quite a tricky mission. You’ll also find there are Lurkers (ninjas) on the rooftops so be careful which rooftops you run across.

There are no collectibles so you can just focus on your main objective. By now you should have a good idea how to clear out patrolling soldiers and stealth past observers. I preferred to clear out the Lurkers on the rooftops before dealing with the targets down below.

The first target is by the long grass and a bonfire. If you can make it to the long grass you can use a Shadow Kill to take him out when no-one’s watching.

The second target is at a bonfire on the other side of the road. Use an Amnesia Needle to incapacitate the target, take out the patrolling soldier and then take out the second target.

The third target is by a bonfire behind a house and near the corner of a large wall. You can take out one of the patrolling guards from the window of the house. Then hide in the long grass and wait for your opportunity to strike.

Target four can be found by a bonfire and near a wooden fence. There are patrolling and defending guards and there’s not many places to hide.

Luckily you should be able to duck down by the wooden fence and not get spotted. Use Shadow Kill if you have it, and move on to the next target.

The fifth target is in a courtyard by some long grass and a lookout platform.

Hide in the grass and take out the fifth target when you get the chance. Use a Smoke Bomb to help stay hidden, or take out as many of the patrolling soldiers as you need to.

The sixth target can be seen in the middle of a roadway between two gates.

This guy is pretty isolated so you know what to do. I found the seventh target by a bonfire in a small roadway near to the cliffs.

Once again not too many soldiers to deal with but not really any good places to hide the body. Use Shadow Kill if you have it.

The eighth target can be found by a bonfire near to the river. You’ve been here before in a previous mission.

Not too many guards here. Sneak around to the long grass and take him out when the patrols aren’t looking.

The ninth target can be found towards the back of the village. He’s standing by a fence so hang on the fence and take him out. Just make sure you’ve dealt with any patrols down below first.

The tenth and final target can be found in a small enclosed compound towards the back of the village. You’ll find him in the corner near to some conveniently placed long grass.

Hide in the grass, take him out, mission complete. Use a smoke bomb if you’re worried someone’s going to see. Head back to the portal to end the mission.

Mission 22: Nensho’s Plans

Run straight ahead over the bridge, jump up to the platform and dash around the back to listen in on the conversation.

You’ll be given the other objectives to collect intel and eliminate the targets. Intel #1 is in the campsite just above. Use the Dark Flame or Amnesia Needle to distract the guard for a few seconds while you grab it.

Continue around the path to the next set of tents where you’ll find the first target. Unfortunately he’s standing in the center of the road but there is a blue lamp next to him. Watch out for the Scorcher on a nearby lookout platform. Take the strategic information once you’ve killed him.

Continue along the path up the hill and once you reach the yard outside the castle entrance you’ll find the second target. He’s the Defender standing in the corner. Make your way around and hide in the long grass. Wait for an opportunity and take him out. Make sure you pick up the strategic information from him.

Head inside for Intel #2. It’s on the right side off from one of the main rooms. Two soldiers are patrolling but you shouldn’t have any trouble grabbing it. Head back to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 23: Forgiveness

Collectibles: Ronin Trousers, Essence Rune: Agility, Dyes: Cyan, Kasai Leggings

For the next mission you’ll be asked to honor the victims by avenging their deaths. Many of the soldiers are connected to Priests who will notice when you kill them. You can sometimes use this to your advantage by killing one and luring out other soldiers.

From the start follow the cliff on the left side, jump over the wall and drop down over the wall on the left for Ronin Trousers.

Jump back up to the wall and head across to the other side of this area to the lookout with the roof on top. From here look out to the waterfall and you’ll spot the Essence Rune: Agility.

At the bottom of the waterfall and a little further along the river you’ll find a boat. Inside it is Dyes: Cyan.

Head over the bridge and onto the next gate. You’ll spot the final collectible, Kasai Leggings, behind the rock with the house built next to it.

Take out all 24 soldiers and then head to the graveyard to prayer for the victims. Return to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 24: Aragami Soul I

Collectibles: Golden Statue

From the start make your way to the mine entrance. The mine will be filled with enemies so getting to the ore is not going to be easy. There’s also Priests making it increasingly difficult.

The first cart of Ore is just ahead and to the left after you enter the mine.

Continue deeper into the mine and around the corner to the left. You’ll find the second bit of Ore. Watch out for the Priest down below and the Scorcher on the other side.

You can drop down the hole in the corner to end up behind the Priest. Take him out and grab the Ore. Jump up to the platform on the other side and drop down the hole. Inside you’ll find Golden Statue #20.

Continue around the mine to the third Ore cart. This one is difficult to get to as there are guards all around. You should be able to jump down when they’re all moving away and quickly grab the Ore. Use a Smoke Bomb if you need to.

Continue along the mine cart to the next cart of Ore. This one is not well guarded.

Either follow the tracks along or jump up to the crane and you’ll spot the final cart of Ore.

As there’s a Defender, Scorcher and guard on patrol you may need to take them out or use a Smoke Bomb or something similar to steal the Ore.

Once you have all the Ore make your escape to one of the portals. There’s the one outside where you came from or another closer one deeper inside the mine.

Mission 25: Aragami Soul II

Collectibles: Golden Statue

We’re back in Akatsuchi’s Capital for this one and you’ll need to take out 6 of the Priests. The first is on top of a lookout tower but other soldiers on the balcony might spot you.

Take him out and quickly remove the body to the long grass down below. Just over the rooftop you’ll spot a window above a gate. Inside is Golden Statue #21.

Facing the gate and turning to the left you’ll spot the next target. This Priest is looking out and is protected by a Defender.

Use the Wraith ability to sneak around behind him and take him out when the patrolling guard isn’t watching. It’s possible to take out the Defender first but the Priest will notice and send someone to investigate.

The other Priests are a distance away so use the Shadow Vision to figure out where they area. One is located in a house in the corner between stone walls. Luckily there’s an open window around the side that you can sneak into to take him out.

The next Priest can be found hiding under a bridge with a patrolling soldier going around and around. Use an Amnesia Needle on the patrolling soldier and take out the Priest.

The fifth Priest is in a house down the bottom of a set of stairs. The patrolling soldiers make him difficult to reach. Use Wraith to get close and take him out.

The final Priest can be found on a platform in a very open area with soldiers all around. You may want to thin out some of the soldiers before taking him out.

With all the Priests down head back to the portal and make your escape.

Mission 26: Aragami Soul III

This is another one of the “collect the ore” missions but first you’ll need to eavesdrop on a conversation. This time the soldiers are down a hole near to where we found the collectible in a previous mission.

Enter the mines and start looking for the Ore. The soldiers are hiding it in the bottom off the supply barrels. You’ll need to break them to get the ore. The first is behind some rocks near the entrance.

Make your way around the mine finding the other bits of soul-filled Essential Ore. The two bits of Ore in carts are right next to each other at the back of the mine.

The slaves digging out the crystal won’t bother you. Once you have all the ore make your escape to end the mission.

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