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Mission 34: Help the Militia IV

For this mission you need to gather the 6 supplies for the peasants and capture the target. I like to clear out the starting area because you will be carrying someone back.

The first supply is just ahead and over a wall. Take out the soldiers here and on the right side of the wall so you can run back with the target later. Grab the first supply and head down the path.

The second supply is in the building on the left. Grab it and head out to the back. You’ll spot the third supply just below right next to a Defender.

To grab it you may need to take out the Defender staring in this direction on the left.

The fourth supply is in the lower yard between the two wooden buildings. You shouldn’t have much trouble grabbing it.

You’ll find the fifth supply by the large barn towards the back of the compound. The sixth supply is in the barn on the top floor, along with the target. Grab the supply and then head through the upper window.

If you’ve cleared the path bringing the target back shouldn’t be too difficult. Throw him through the portal and then head through to complete the mission.

Mission 35: Strike Akatsuchi

There are quite a few targets to eliminate, seven in total. Run forwards from the portal and go straight through the tunnel. The first target is in the building on the other side.

From here use Shadow Vision to find the next nearest target. There are no collectibles to find so follow the markers and take out the rest of the targets. Watch out for the Lurkers on the rooftops.

The next target should be by a central walkway. You can hide in the long grass or on the structure above.

The third target is nearby on a platform above the water.

The next target is in a long building heading up towards the palace. Watch out for the Elite Soldier patrolling outside.

From here head towards the palace. That’s where the next three targets can be found. You’ll need to go up a few floors to find them, or go in one of the upper windows. Two of the targets can be seen in the picture below but the third becomes visible once you enter.

After taking out all the targets head through the portal near the palace to return to the village.

Mission 36: Sabotage Nensho

For this mission you’ll need to destroy the 22 supplies. Luckily many of them are close together. Because there are so many of them I won’t go over the exact location of each of them. The first three are straight ahead, protected by a Defender and a couple of regular soldiers.

Continue through the cavern, destroying the supplies as you find them. There’s a cache of 7 supplies just outside the entrance to the mine. Make your escape back through the portal to complete the mission. If you’ve been following this walkthrough there are no new collectibles to find.

Mission 37: Rob Nensho

For this mission you’ll need to steal the 7 sets of weapons. The first can be found straight up the hill in the little wooden hut.

Continue up the hill and follow the path around to the main entrance. There’s another set of weapons in the courtyard.

Next head up to the balcony above for the third set. Then you’ll need to enter into the castle itself for the remaining sets. Use your preferred techniques to stealth past or kill the soldiers, then get to the portal to escape.

Mission 38: Sabotage Akatsuchi

Collectibles: Essence Runes: Flight, Dye: Turquoise

For this mission you’ll need to deactivate the alarm system by cutting the ropes holding the cauldrons of wood chips. There are 11 systems around the city and 2 new collectibles to find.

Deactivating the alarms isn’t all that hard and some of them don’t have many guards defending them. You will find them scattered all over the city. The nearest one can be found by walking forwards and then taking the first right. Hide in the long grass and deactivate the alarm when the soldier turns away.

The first collectible can be found in this palace towards the back of the city with the statue out the front and the small pond. To the right is a barrier that you can’t get past in this mission.

Jump onto the roof and go through the window. You’ll see the Essence Runes: Flight on a ledge.

The final collectible, the Dyes: Turquoise, is on the top of one of the four red and white smoke stacks. You can’t miss them. You can jump over from a nearby palace or double jump straight up from the base of the smoke stack and shadow dash to the top.

Deactivate the rest of the alarms and get back to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 39: Strike Akatsuchi II

To strike Akatsuchi you’ll need to capture 3 targets and bring them back to the portal. As you can’t use your special movement abilities while carrying someone you may want to clear a bit of a path so you can quickly bring the targets back.

First head across the bridge and then up the arches leading up the hill. The first target is the Elite Soldier circling the house at the top of the hill.

Knock him out and carry him back to the portal. The next two targets can be found by going across the bridge and taking the path to the left to the lower area.

Take out the Priest in the corner first and then you’ll be able to kill or knock out other Soldiers without worrying about being noticed.

Head towards the back of this compound for the second Elite Soldier. Once again, knock him out and carry him back to the portal.

For the last target head through that same compound and continue further along down the path. Eventually you’ll spot the third Elite Soldier near the cemetery area. Knock him out and carry him back to the nearby portal.

The Chronicler will be waiting for you once you get back to the village and tells you to talk to the Leader. He’ll give you your next mission.

Mission 40: A Simple Mission

Collectibles: Essence Runes: Block, Golden Statue x 2, Tengu Trousers, Dyes: Grey, Legacy Hood, Kasai Armor, Kasai Mask

A Simple Mission is in a new area, the Akatsuchi Palace, and that means new collectibles to find. There are 8 in total for this mission!

From the start jump over the low wall to the left and jump across the grass platforms. Follow the thin canyon to the left and you’ll find the first collectible, Essence Runes: Block.

Head back and climb over the high wall into the palace area. On top of the entrance arch you’ll find Golden Statue #22.

Make your way to the far back left corner of the palace grounds. You’ll find Tengu Trousers.

Stay towards the back of the palace grounds and make your way along the fence towards the palace. There’s a place you can drop over the edge.

Land on the wooden beam, and then jump down to the next collectible, Dyes: Grey.

The next collectible is high up on the palace roof so you’ll need to head inside. The palace is the large building at the end of the palace grounds.

I head around the left side of the palace along the first level rooftop. Sneak all the way around to the back as far as you can go and you’ll spot Golden Statue #23 craftily hidden behind a pillar.

Drop down and enter through the back entrance.

Head up the ramp, then the stairs and go through the kitchen on the right. Then up another set of stairs on the other side of the kitchen. Turn around and go through the small window in the wall.

And then up through the next highest window. Inside this room you’ll find the Legacy Hood.

Go out the small window on the other side and head up the stairs. You’ll spot an Elite Soldier patrolling this floor. Climb up the stairs, do a u-turn to the left and head out the window.

Jump over the railing onto the roof and head around to the right. Run up the ramp to the higher level. Continue around to the right and jump over the edge where there’s a peak and land on the balcony below.

You’ll find the Kasai Armor. Now you’ll need to make your way to the very top of the roof. Find a beam on a peak close to the higher rooftop. You can do a double-jump up to the higher level.

Up the very top you’ll find the Kasai Mask. Avoid the balcony up here or you’ll reach the objective and get a cutscene.

Drop down onto the balcony overlooking the palace grounds for the objective.

A mysterious enemy will appear and you’ll need to make your way to the center of the palace grounds. At that point Soldiers will crawl out of the hole in the center and you’ll need to take out 3 waves of them, first with 5 Soldiers, then with 8, and finally with 11 Soldiers.

Try to wait until they spread apart so you can take them out one by one. After the third wave has been defeated jump up the floating rocks towards the mysterious enemy. Attack him when given the cue to complete the mission.

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