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Mission 1: The Elder’s Scroll

Collectibles: Golden Statue x 3

From the start head forwards and then jump over the rooftops of the little houses by the docks. Golden Statue #1 can be found around the side of the cliff.

Shadow leap up to the long grass and listen in on the conversation between the two soldiers.

Jump up to the roof of the nearby hut and then up to the beam in the side of the cliff.

Jump up to the tent above and look across the camp. Golden Statue #2 can be found behind the tent at the very back.

Grab it and then shadow leap up to the far side of the bridge above. Continue across the next bridge towards the large wooden lift mechanism.

The final collectible can be found on a ledge above the top platform. Jump over the fence and dash forwards to reach Golden Statue #3.

Jump and dash back and then make your way back towards the camp. In the largest tent you’ll find the Elder’s Scroll.

Drop down and hide in the grass behind the tent. When the soldiers are looking away sneak over the small wall and grab the Scroll.

Make your way back to the starting portal to complete the mission. Back in the village talk to Iwao a couple of times and then take up the next mission.

Mission 2: Securing Supplies

For the second mission there are no collectibles so we can focus on the main objectives, stealing materials for the village. The first of three sacks can be found just ahead. The soldier will notice if you try to steal it so take him out first.

Shadow leap up to the lookout and take a look at your surroundings. If you hold the left trigger you’ll see a white blob where your objectives should be. Once you’re close enough they’ll turn into yellow objective markers. The second sack of grain is by the tree down below.

Drop down to the grass below. Taking out a couple of the patrolling soldiers will make it easier to grab the grain. I take out the soldier directly below the lookout on the right side, then the scorcher on the other lookout platform.

Then take out another patrolling soldier down below and to the right. From here hide in the grass and sneak towards the second objective when all soldiers are looking the other way.

Go back towards the second lookout and then dash across the river. The third sack of grain is inside the large building. You can take out some of the soldiers wandering around outside if you want.

Shadow leap up to the balcony to the right and go inside the building when the soldiers aren’t looking. The objective is just below.

I do like to clear out this room so dash across to the other side and take out the defender, then the patrolling soldier. Now the coast is clear to grab the third sack of grain.

Leave the way you came and once you get through the portal the mission will be complete.

Back in the village speak with Sanzu who will be waiting for you. She lost her daughter long ago. Head to the mission board and speak with Leader Katashi.

Mission 3: Sending a Message

Collectibles: Golden Statue

Run up the hill and follow the path, up to the castle entrance. The gate is locked so you can’t go that way for now. Hold onto the fence and look up, you want to jump and shadow leap up to the higher levels.

From here you can go to the left side or the right side. If you stick to the upper levels on the left side you’ll find Gold

Otherwise take out any patrolling soldiers you want. Use the Whisper ability to draw them out around corners. Head to the center room and leap up to the pillars. When no-one is watching take out the targ

Make your escape back to the portal to complete the mission. Back at the village talk to Leader Katashi who will tell you about the new blacksmith. You’ll be able to buy and craft new equipment from her.

Mission 4: Approaching the Enemy

Collectibles: Golden Statue x 2, Orochi Sword

Head forwards towards the entrance and stick to the left side. Jump up the grass ledges and then out to the left so you can shadow leap into the window of the small building. Inside you’ll find Golden Statue #5.

Jump up to the roof and then across the front gate to the grass on the other side. Take out the scorcher and then listen to the two soldiers talking below.

The first of the 3 supply boxes is in the building right next to you. Shadow leap to the open window and crawl onto the beam. Drop down to tag Supply Box #1 when the soldier isn’t watching.

Leap out the window on the other side and continue further into the compound. Use the rooftops to reach the back corner where you’ll find Supply Box #2.

Drop down and hide in the grass, then sneak over to the box and tag it as the soldiers are looking away. Then make a quick getaway.

Now that you’re at the corner continue along the wall of the compound using the rooftops. Watch out for the Scorcher on the roof. Take him out or sneak past him.

Look back towards the starting portal and you’ll notice some broken rooftops. Shadow leap across them to another corner outpost. The Blueprint: Orochi Sword is just on the grass ledge below it.

Jump up to the roof of the outpost and then across to the roof of the last house in the compound. Drop down under the walkway behind the house for Golden Statue #6.

Jump across the wooden beams and then back up to the house. Jump up to the roof and find the corner at the front. Drop down and enter the open window. Supply Box #3 will be just inside.

Once you’ve tagged all three supply boxes make your way outside and escape back to the starting portal to complete the mission.

Back at the village talk to Leader Katashi and you’ll meet the Chronicler. Go back to the quest board and take up the next mission.

Mission 5: Help the Militia I

Collectibles: Golden Statue x 3

For this mission there are 4 targets to eliminate. There’s also 3 collectibles to find. From the start dash across the pond and then leap up the side of the cliff for Golden Statue #7.

Drop back down to the right and you’ll spot your first target. Sneak around the side to the long grass and take him out when the other soldier turns away.

From here I like to shadow leap up to the lookout above. Take out the scorcher and then drop down into the grass on the other side.

Sneak between the fence and the building that’s currently blocked off and then shadow leap up to the top of the wall. The second target is in the courtyard just ahead.

Drop down into the long grass, wait for all soldiers to turn away and assassinate the second target.

Quickly leap up to the rooftops. Find the tall tower, take out the soldier patrolling below and climb up the tower to the very top for Golden Statue #8.

Drop down to the rooftop and take a look at the levels of the tower. The first level will slop down in one direction. Face that direction and turn diagonally to the right.

This is basically the direction you need to go to find the last collectible.

Drop down to the long grass below and you’ll see the third target patrolling back and forth.

Shadow leap across to the building and drop off the edge on the far side just behind the chimney. Jump into the window below for Golden Statue #9.

Take out the Defender standing guard and then wait for the third target to approach. Just one more to go.

Head back to the large building with the tower and use shadow vision to figure out where the final target is located. You’ll find him on the other side of the building in another courtyard patrolling back and forth.

Just like one of the previous targets hide in the long grass and assassinate him when he walks past and no other soldiers are watching.

There are two portals that can be used for your escape. Either head back to the start or go to the new location, whatever is closest or easiest for you.

Back in the village Leader Katashi will be waiting for you. Follow him further into the village and he’ll show you your new house! Go inside to for the collectible Essence Runes: Defense.

Go back to Leader Katashi in his usual spot in the temple and then head to the quest board for the next mission.

Mission 6: Wails in the Night

Drop down on the right side and shadow leap up to the lookout tower to take out the Scorcher.

Clear out the patrolling soldiers on the bridge if you want. You’ll need to carry someone back over the bridge later so it’ll make that part easier. Dash across the bridge and then shadow leap over to the window to listen in on a conversation.

Shadow leap back and then leap up to the building on the left. Run across the roof and you’ll see the target in the yard on the other side.

Drop down and dash around behind the bamboo stalks to a lower ledge for Golden Statue #10, then shadow leap back to the person you need to rescue.

You may want to draw some of the soldiers away and take them out, or use the Dark Flame ability to stun them while they’re near the blue lamp.

Pick up the target and walk around between the building and the wall. Then cross the bridge and head back to the portal to complete the mission.

Back at the village talk to Sanzu, the mother of the woman you rescued. Then talk to the Leader and he’ll give you another mission.

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