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Mission 50: Arrangements

For this mission you’ll head back to the Woods of Memory. You’ll need to essentially repeat the previous mission to find the 7 memory stones. You’ll also need to eliminate the 4 Necromancers along the way. This is the second last mission so by now you should have a good idea how to go about it.

The memory stones are located in the same positions but there will be more guards. Some of them are protected by Defenders. Once you’ve completed the objectives you’ll be given a new one to find the entrance to the forgotten realm. It’s in one of the deep caves. Make your way down by carefully double jumping and shadow leaping to the beams and grass ledges.

Mission 51: Tsubuyaku

Collectibles: Golden Seal x 2

This is it! The final mission. Congratulations on making it this far. There are two collectibles to find. The first we can pick up before the boss fight and the second we’ll find on the way out.

Head up the stairs and on the left of the waterfall is a series of grass platforms. Follow them and you’ll find Golden Statue #24.

Go back, cross the bridge and head up the stairs to meet the final boss. After the cutscene the soldiers will rise from the dead and begin searching for you. You’ll need to find Tsubuyaku and strike him three times.

When you’re far away you can use Shadow Vision to get his general location but when you get close the objective marker will disappear. He’ll be nearly invisible ducking down somewhere.

You’ll need to repeat this two more times to defeat him. Make your way through the hole in the ruins and run up the path to the outside. Once you’re outside of the cave you’ll spot a house. Go through the window on the right side to find Golden Statue #25.

Continue on through the gate to return to the village and complete the mission. Enjoy the final cutscene and credits. Afterwards you can still wander around the village and talk to all the residents.

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