Level 6 The Riddle RoomTreasure/Items

  1. See walkthrough
  2. See walkthrough
  3. See walkthrough
  4. See walkthrough
  5. Iron Key
  6. Iron Key
  7. Iron Key and Mail Aketon
  8. Iron Key
  9. Iron Key and Torso Plate
  10. Potions, Torch and Drumstick
  11. Blue Magic Box
  12. Green Magic Box
  13. Drumsticks
  14. Yew Staff
  15. Casque and Coif
  16. Vorpal Blade – Very helpful for Level 8
  17. Solid Key
  18. Corn and Two Throwing Stars
  19. Drumstick
  20. Mithral Aketon and 2 Slayer Arrows
  21. VEN Potion
  22. Torch
  23. Cheese and BRO Potion
  24. Drumstick
  25. Two Green Magic Boxes
  26. Torch
  27. Blue Magic Box
  28. Vorpal Blade
  29. Crossbow
  30. Chest with Drumstick, Slayer and Water Filled Flask
  31. Mithral Mail
  32. Large Shield

Level 6 Walkthrough

When you come down the stairs you’ll head straight into the Riddle Room. You’ll be given for riddles and you’ll need to place the correct item in the alcove. Here’s the riddles with the answers below.

Riddle 1: I Am All I Am None

Answer: Mirror

Riddle 2: A Golden Head And Tail But No Body

Answer: Gold Coin

Riddle 3: I Arch Yet Have No Back

Answer: Bow

Riddle 4: Hard As Rocks Blue As Sky Twinkle In Woman’s Eye

Answer: Blue Gem

Dungeon Master HD Level 6 Wizards EyeOnce you’ve placed the correct items in the alcoves the door across from the stairs will open and an Iron Key will appear in the alcove next to the door.

Once through the door be careful of the Wizard’s Eye. These monsters can obliterate your entire party in one or two fireballs if you get caught.

Once the door is opened you can gather the items you used in the riddles.

There are many more of these creatures to come on this level so get ready for a battle. They can be damaged with the Fireball spell which I find most effective.

This level is the most challenging by far and you may be stuck here for a little while. To get through this level you’ll need to find three of the five Iron Keys. The extra two Iron Keys will give you access to some more Magic Boxes.

Skeletons and Wizard’s Eyes abound in this level and the Wizard’s Eyes will appear to keep on spawning as you work your way closer to the stairs.

To get past the Test of Strength at W you”ll need to shoot an arrow all the way down the hall to the pressure plate at the end. This will open the door at the end allowing you access to the Mithral Aketon and Slayer Arrows.

Use the map above as a guide if you get lost, although this level is also fairly linear. Once you’ve battled your way past the Wizard’s Eyes continue down the stairs to Level 7 – Tomb of the Firestaff.