Level 11 The Clockwise RoomTreasure/Items

  1. Staff
  2. Iron Key
  3. Boot Plate
  4. Morning Star
  5. Chest with Solid Key
  6. Diamond Edge
  7. Fury
  8. Skeleton Key
  9. Cross Key
  10. Copper Coin
  11. Copper Coin
  12. Cheese
  13. Copper Coin
  14. Copper Coin
  15. Copper Coin
  16. Copper Coin
  17. Copper Coin
  18. Plate of Lyte and Greave of Lyte
  19. Various Items in the Alcoves Including Copper Coins, Cross Key, Magical Boxes and FUL Bombs
  20. Ruby Key
  21. Scroll
  22. Diamond Edge
  23. Speed Boots

Level 11 Walkthrough

From A walk clockwise around the room to be teleported to the Iron Key at 2. Walk counterclockwise to be teleported to C. Clockwise to the teleport square, counterclockwise and then clockwise once more until you find the keyhole. Use the Iron Key to open the gate and get the Chest. Inside the chest is the Solid Key. Walk clockwise and then counterclockwise to find the Gold Lock. Use the Solid Key and walk counterclockwise to finally find the exit from this area.

The Skeleton Key for this level is found at location 8 and opens the Skeleton lock to the central stairway at M.

The hall at P will fill with poison gas when you take the Diamond Edge.  Don’t panic. Wait for the gas to dissipate and then throw the Diamond Edge down the hall. Walk back and pick it up.

Dungeon Master Level 11 Water ElementalThe Cross Key at 9 will open one of three doors. Each door will take you down a different path but will lead to the same place. If you have trouble with one path try another. You’ll encounter Trolins, Giant Wasps or Water Elementals.

Use the Magnifier at L to open up access to the Ruby Key before heading down to Level 12: Oitus and Armour.