Level 7 Tomb of the FirestaffTreasure/Items

  1. Scroll
  2. Scroll
  3. Scepter of Lyf, Illumulet and Gem of Ages
  4. Boots of Speed and Dragon Spit
  5. Crown of Nerra and Green Magic Box
  6. Flamebain and Lightning Sword
  7. Three Flasks
  8. Two Scrolls
  9. Corbamite, Orange Gem and magnifier
  10. Torch
  11. Boulder
  12. Flask
  13. Flask with Water
  14. Scroll
  15. Turquoise Key
  16. Four Scrolls and Ra Key
  17. Winged Key
  18. Green Magic Box
  19. VEN Potion and FUL Bomb
  20. The Inquisitor Sword
  21. Firestaff
  22. Scroll, Apple and Corn
  23. Green Magic Box

Level 7 Walkthrough

You won’t be able to get into the main part of this level without the three Ra Keys. You should have one Ra Key already from Level 3. The others are found lower down so head down the stairs to level 8 before returning here to continue with the walkthrough.

After Finding the Last RA Key on Level 12

So you’ve found the three RA Keys. Use them to get access to the main part of this level. If you’re feeling lucky take on the Stone Golems to get access to the Inquisitor at 20.

The Ruby Key found on Level 11 will open the door at H. At 15 you’ll find the Turquoise Key which will open one of the four Turquoise doors for some extra loot.

The button at J will get you access to the RA Key and some scrolls.

Press the hidden button at I on the northern corridor to open the wall at K. From here press the button at M to open the wall at L. Inside here is the Winged Key that you’ll need to get down to level 14.

You’ll need the RA Key to open the door at N. This path will lead you to the Firestaff but you’ll need the Master Key from level 12 to open the door at O. There’s a Stone Golem here. Take your time to kill him or just grab the Firestaff and run.

Once you have the Firestaff and Winged Key take the central stairs down to Level 14: The Red Dragon.