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Collectibles: Gold: 1, Silver: 5, Bronze: 9

After the cut-scene use the grapple to pull out the grate in the wall above the “Gift Shop” Sign. Pull out the box, climb onto it and then jump up so you can climb through the hole in the wall.

Break the box for Bronze Cross (1/9). Use the grapple to pull out the grate in the wall and drop through to the back alley.

Jump up to grab the top of the window nearest the fence and then up again to grab onto the ledge. Traverse across to the left and drop down. Pull the Lever to to restore power to the building. The only problem is that the puddle on the other side of the fence will also be electrified.

Climb up the pole and make your way back across the fence. Drop down on the other side past the third window and go through the door with “No Entry” written on it.

Continue forwards to the start and then head left to the large door. Pull the Sword in the stone and the door will open.

King Arthur’s Exhibit

There are a few exhibits in this area. You can press the Button in front of them to hear what the narrator has to say. Sometimes there’ll be a little performance as well.

Take a running jump over the gap in the floor boards to grab onto the hole. Climb inside and shoot the box for Bronze Cross (2/9).

Jump out the way you came. To get through to the next section you’ll need to jump across to the horizontal pole and then to the next one which will rotate around 90 degrees. Quickly jump backwards to the third pole and then across to the closed drawbridge.

Jump back to the third pole, turn around and then jump onto the drawbridge before it begins to close.

In the next room is a large gap that you won’t be able to jump across. Shoot the rope holding the boat and it will crash down to the floor so you can use it to jump over the gap.

To the right of the knights fighting you’ll see a square hole in the wall at floor level. Inside you’ll find a box with Bronze Cross (3/9). Once you’ve picked it up roll back out and pull out the sword in the stone.

The mechanism will break so you’ll need to pull out the rope with your grapple. When the door opens quickly roll through before it closes again.

Turn to the right and pull the grate out from high up on the wall. Hop into the forklift and place a box a few meters in front of the wall with the hole. Go and grab another box and position it next to the wall with the tines lifted up high.

Get out and climb up the boxes to the hole in the wall. This is the professor’s office. In front of the desk you’ll find Silver Cross (1/5). After the discussion drop back down and get into the forklift.


Drive down the ramp and ram into the coffin at the end. When it breaks it will reveal Silver Cross (2/5). Grab it and then smash through the wall to the left, behind the two boxes.

Continue driving through the spear traps and then use the tines to lift up the gate. Drive through and smash through the wall at the end. There’s a small Quick Time Event. To get through it just press Up.

Broken Stairwell

To the right you’ll find Bronze Cross (4/9) and straight ahead is Bronze Cross (5/9). Use the grapple to grab them.

Walk down the broken stairs to the left and jump to the ledge on the side wall. Jump across to the ledge to the right, quickly shimmy across and drop down.

Run down the steps before they fall and jump across to the next section. Continue down the steps and swing across the pole to grab the ledge on the other side.

Jump to grab the ledge to the right and quickly traverse across before the ledge breaks. When you get to the end climb up and run to the left for Bronze Cross (6/9).

Drop back down, walk down the steps and then use the rope to swing across to the next section of broken stairway.

Jump across to the next section. Walk down then steps and jump up to grab the ledge on the side wall. Traverse around the corner and drop down. From here you can drop down to the floor below.

Trapped Corridors

Run up the steps and follow the corridor around to the left. Take a big jump across the boiling oil and follow the corridor around.

Carefully jump over the flames and use the box to make it to the other side. Once you’re on the other side use the grapple to pull it along with you. Push it onto the next flame section and stand on top of it.

Take a jump when the flames die out and another leap to make it past this flame trap.

Turn around and pull the box along with you. Push the box next to the gate and climb over it. Pull the Lever on the other side to open the gate.

From this room there are three exits with spinning blades in each one. The blades to the right slow down so you can roll through them. Grab the box on the other side and push it through. You should have two boxes now.

Push one box to stop the blades on the left and grab the Silver Cross (3/5). Push both boxes through the blades across from the gate.

Continue to push them both through the next set of spinning places and then onto the flame trap. When both boxes are on the flame trap you can climb on top of them and jump across the flames to the other side.

Head forwards and pull the Lever on the right to open the next gate. It will close behind you. Make your way around to a pressure plate. Standing on it opens the gate ahead but it quickly closes as soon as you walk off it.

Swim through the pool to the left and climb out. Use the grapple to pull both the chandeliers. When you let them go they’ll smash into the bars and break them. On one side you’ll find Bronze Cross (7/9) and the other has a coffin.

Pull out the coffin and ride it back to the pressure plate. You’ll need to use the grapple on the candle holders to pull it along. Pull the coffin onto the pressure plate to keep the gate open.

Flooded Passageways

Make your way around to a window and drop down to the water below. Quickly turn around to face the way you came and swim down for Bronze Cross (8/9). It’s under the grate you walked across before dropping out the window.

Swim out and pull the Lever to open a gate. A coffin will come floating out. Quickly stand on top of it and jump through the window to the right.

Swim around to the left and left again. Pull the Lever to open up the next gate and the coffin will float through.

Stand on top of it and use the lanterns to pull yourself along. When you float to the intersection turn right and you’ll spot Silver Cross (4/5).

Use the grapple to pull yourself close to it and then jump up to the ledge to grab it. You can’t pick this one up from a distance. Jump back to the coffin and pull yourself back to the way you came to the intersection and jump through the window.

After the short cut-scene swim across to the other side of the lake. Lara will be amazed at the design of the tomb entrance.

Knight’s Tomb

At the front of the entrance there are two golden lamp posts. Use the grapple to pull them both to the left. Climb up the stone wall on the far left and swing across the pole to the ramp. Before you get to the end of the ramp jump up to grab the lamp post.

The lamp post will swing around. Jump across the tomb entrance and use your grapple to swing across to the next lamp post. This will also swing around so you can swing up to grab the large stone steps.

Climb up and jump up to grab the ledge. Make your way across to the right to the golden chain and climb up so you can jump across to the roof. Behind the hole in the roof with the rope you’ll find Silver Cross (5/5).

When you have jump to the rope and drop down through the hole to the tomb below. After the cut-scene walk towards the tomb marked BEDWRY. This is Bedivere’s crypt.

Grab hold of the end of it and pull it towards the broken pillar. Stand opposite the bell and pull the chandelier back with the grapple.

Let it go and then quickly climb onto the tomb and then up to the pillar. Jump across to grab the rope. This will raise up the bell so the chandelier bangs into it. Once the bell rings the sarcophagus will shatter and Lara will grab a piece of Excalibur. Head out through the exit behind the bell

The Serpent

When you enter this area a huge Serpent will rise up from the water. You can’t damage it directly but you can distract it by shooting the bells.

Once the Serpent is distracted quickly grapple the Lever beside it and pull it towards you. If you do it quickly enough the cage dangling above the serpents head will drop causing some damage.

You’ll need to repeat this four times while dodging the Serpents attacks. Each time you’re successful the serpent will smash the bell so you’ll need to move on to the next one.

Once the serpent dies it will curl up near to the exit at the far left. Swim across to a small island and climb onto it so you can get up to a higher ledge.

Make your way down the passage and you’ll face another Serpent. This time you’ll only need to make it past a Quick Time Event. Press Up, Left and then Right to get through it and close the gate before the Serpent can get to you.

The Return Journey

Behind the other gate you’ll notice Bronze Cross (9/9). Shoot the rope above the gate and then climb up to it. Drop down the other side to pick up the cross.

Climb up the gate again and this time use the rope to swing over to the ledge. Pull the Lever to open the gate.

Go through the gate and slide down the ramp. Just around the corner you’ll come across the first Mercenaries. This also takes you to the hub room with the spinning blades.

Watch out for the Mercenaries on one of the ledges. Take them out and then use the metal box to climb up to the ledge on the other side of the room.

You’ll notice a panel with a large “I” on it. Press it in. This is the first part of the puzzle for finding the gold cross.

Drop down to the floor and then use the box to climb up onto the other ledge. Press in the panel marked “II”.

The third door is at the bottom of the room with the crumbling staircase. To get there drop down off the ledge and go towards the closed gate. Watch out for the Mercenaries to the left and jump over the fire traps. Make your way over the boiling oil and back to the staircase room.

The panel marked “III” will be opposite the stairs. Push it in to open up a secret alcove to the right with the Gold Cross (1/1).

The mercenaries used a lift to get down. Run up the stairs and jump across to it. Press the Button to lift it up.

Take out the Mercenary up the top and then use the grapple on the coffin to pull the lift across. Jump over to the top stairs and leave the room.

Continue to make your way back to the start of the level. You’ll face more Mercenaries and two Dogs along the way.

Once you head up the wooden steps there’ll be two more Mercenaries. Take them out to trigger a final cut scene and complete the level.

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