The Demon Within – Use your heroes to recapture the Prison Wagon and prevent it from reaching the Night Elves base.

Escort Illidan – Keep Maiev from recapturing the wagon and bring it back to your base.


The Search for Illidan

This mission is a little different from the rest in that you only control your heroes, Prince Kael’thas, Lady Vashj and the Panderan Brewmaster hero if you completed The Crossing. You won’t be able to control any of your other units. They will all fight by themselves.

This quest is quite easy if you make a dash with your three heroes and capture the wagon immediately. Then use all three of them to kill Maiev as she’s the only one who can claim it back. The wagon will carry on towards your base so just keep your heroes in the middle of the map and target Maiev each time she returns.

There is a Mercenary Camp off the main path to the south of the map but you probably won’t need them. If you hero dies it will respawn back at your camp in 5 seconds.

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