One year after the events of Reign of Chaos comes The Frozen Throne. It includes new playable races such as the Blood Elves and the Naga and three new campaigns.

The Frozen Throne continues the story Arthas as he transforms into the Lich King, the search for Illidan and the Elves battle with the Naga. There are three main campaigns, Terror of the Tides, Curse of the Blood Elves and Legacy of the Damned.

The bonus campaign, The Founding of Durotar, follows the story of the Orcs who fled Kalimdor and are now trying to establish a new home in Durotar.

There are new units, new buildings and new upgrades. There have been some changes to the cost of buildings and units to try to balance the game a little bit better. The full Frozen Throne walkthrough will be included below.

The Frozen Throne Walkthrough

Sentinel Campaign – Terror of the Tides

Chapter 1 – Rise of the Naga

Chapter 2 – The Broken Isles

Chapter 3 – The Tomb of Sargeras

Chapter 4 – Wrath of the Betrayer

Chapter 5 – Balancing the Scales

Chapter 6 – Shards of the Alliance

Chapter 7 – The Ruins of Dalaran

Chapter 8 – The Brothers Stormrage


Alliance Campaign – Curse of the Blood Elves

Chapter 1 – Misconceptions

Chapter 2 – A Dark Covenant

Chapter 3 – The Dungeons of Dalaran

Secret Level – The Crossing

Chapter 4 – The Search for Illidan

Chapter 5 – Gates of the Abyss

Chapter 6 – Lord of Outland


Scourge Campaign – Legacy of the Damned

Chapter 1 – King Arthas

Chapter 2 – The Flight from Lordaeron

Chapter 3 – The Dark Lady

Chapter 4 – The Return to Northrend

Chapter 5 – Dreadlord’s Fall

Chapter 6 – A New Power in Lordaeron

Chapter 7 Part 1 – Into the Shadow Web Caverns

Chapter 7 Part 2 – The Forgotten Ones

Chapter 7 Part 3 Р Ascent to the Upper Kingdom

Chapter 8 – A Symphony of Frost and Flame


Bonus Campaign – The Founding of Durotar

Act 1: To Tame a Land

Act 2: Old Hatreds

Act 3: A Blaze of Glory