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Brimstone 1

Brimstone 1The Brimstone System is part of the losing tree but if you win here you’ll be put back on the right path. For the next three missions you’ll be flying the Scimitar with Maniac as your wingman.

Briefing: It’s a simple three-point route, with a few asteroids near Nav 2. Keep alert. We really don’t know what to expect out there but we know we’re in hairball territory. Just fly your route and get back with a report and if Maniac gives you any static you have my permission to shoot him to pieces.

Nav 1 – There are 2 waves of Kilrathi here. A single Salthi in the first wave and 3 Gratha┬áin the next wave. Use missles to take out the first Gratha quickly to even the odds.

Nav 2 – You’ll have another tough fight with 2 Krant which intercept you just before the asteroid field.

Nav 3 – Clear.

Brimstone 2

Brimstone 2In this mission you’ll need to rendezvous with the Exeter and bring it back to the Tiger’s Claw.

Briefing: You’ll meet an Exeter-class destroyer at Nav 1, right here. You’ll fly straight to Nav 1, to make the rendezvous on schedule but you’ll bring the destroyer back via Nav 2. This will keep the Exeter clear of the asteroids between here and Nav 1.

Asteroid Field – On the way to Nav 1 you’ll be met with 4 Salthi who attack from the asteroid field. Increase your speed as much as you’re able to shake any Salthi off your tail.

Nav 1 – There are two groups of 2 Dralthi here. One closer to your drop off point and one group closer to the Exeter. Head straight for the Dralthi attacking the Exeter to make sure it doesn’t get blown to bits.

Nav 2 – Clear.

Brimstone 3

Brimstone 3For Brimstone 3 you and Maniac will be required to destroy a Kiltrathi convoy at Nav 1. There’s a capship and numerous fighters so expect a tough fight and don’t be worried if you have to try again.

Breifing: We’ve got a large bogie near Nav 1. Tactical is pretty sure this is one of those inbound Dorkir. We’ve detected at least four smaller bogies nearby so watch out for fairly strong fighter escort.

Tiger’s Claw and Nav 1 – Along the route to Nav 1 you’ll be intercepted by 2 Jalthi. Try to stay out of trouble and not take any damage.

Nav 1 – In the first wave you’ll be met by the capship, the Dorkir, and 4 Krant led by the famous Khajja the Fang. Use missiles as much as possible and focus on taking out the Krant while staying out of range of the Dorkir. For the second wave you’ll face another 2 Krant which should be a more even fight provided you’re not badly damaged.

Success: Dakota System

Failure: Port Hedland