Wing Commander WalkthroughWing Commander: The 3-D Space Combat Simulator was released by Origin Systems in 1990. You’ll need to complete missions to gain medals and promotions and hopefully launch a strike on the Kilrathi High Command in the Venice System.

Throughout the game you’ll fly in four different ships while either battling your way towards the Kilrathi sector or flying increasingly defensive missions if your piloting skills are not up to par. Your performance in each system will determine whether you take the winning or losing path. But don’t worry, you’ll have many chances to make up for poor performance if you don’t do well the first time around.

Wing Commander Walkthrough

Enyo System (Win –> McAuliffe;     Lose –> Gateway)

McAuliffe System (Win –> Gimle;     Lose –> Brimstone)

Gateway System (Win –> Brimstone;     Lose –> Cheng Du)

Gimle System (Win –> Dakota;     Lose –> Brimstone)

Brimstone System (Win –> Dakota;     Lose –> Port Hedland)

Cheng-Du System (Win –> Brimstone;     Lose –> Port Hedland)

Dakota System (Win –> Kurasawa;     Lose –> Rostov)

Port Hedland (Win –> Rostov;     Lose –> Hubble’s Star)

Kurasawa System (Win –> Venice;     Lose –> Rostov)

Rostov System (Win –> Venice;     Lose –> Hell’s Kitchen)

Hubble’s Star (Win –> Rostov;     Lose –> Hell’s Kitchen)

Hell’s Kitchen (You Lose)

Venice System (You Win)

Wing Commander Tips

  • The system you go to next will depend on how you performed in the missions. You’ll need to achieve a certain score for each mission to progress down the winning path. More information will be provided in the walkthrough for each of the missions.
  • You won’t need to complete every mission or go to every system to win the game. You’ll end up skipping a few along the way.
  • Have a look at your locker to see what system you’re in.
  • Press the ‘N’ key to enter your Nav map. From here you can select the various Nav points.
  • To reach a Nav point you’ll need to be within 1,000 clicks of it. The next Nav point will automatically be selected.
  • In order to land make sure you communicate with the Tiger’s Claw first and request a landing.

Wing Commander Ships

Wing Commander HornetF-36 Hornet – The Hornet is the first craft you’ll fly in Wing Commander 1. It’s a light fighter with 2 MK. 25 Laser Cannons. It comes loaded with 2 Dart Dumbfire missiles and a Javelin Heatseeker. It has 4.0 cm shielding fore and aft with armor plating of 4.5 cm, 4 cm and 3 cm (front, rear and sides).

Wing Commander ScimitarCF-105 Scimitar – The Scimitar is slightly larger than the Hornet and can last a little longer in battle. It comes equipped with 2 MK. 30A Mass Driver Cannons, 2 Dart Dumbfire Missles and 3 Javelin Heatseekers. Fore and aft shielding is 6.0 cm and 5.0 cm. Armor plating is 8.5 cm, 8.0 cm and 6.5 cm (front, rear and sides).

Wing Commander RaptorA-14 Raptor – The Raptor is a heavy fighter with a mass of 20 tonnes. It’s heavily armored with a variety of guns and missiles including 2 MK. 40F Neutron Guns and 2 MK 30A Mass Driver Cannons. As for missile loadout you’ll get 2 Javelin Heatseekers, 2 Spiculum Infrared, 1 Pilum Friend of Foe Missile and a Porcupine Mine. Shielding is 7.0 cm fore and aft with armor of 10.0 cm, 9.0 cm and 8.0 cm (front, rear and sides).

Wing Commander RapierF-44 Rapier II – Not quite as heavily armored as the Raptor the Rapier is still a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it come with a full loadout of weapons but it’s even quicker than the Hornet with a maximum velocity of 450 kps, compared to the Hornets 420 kps. It comes equipped with 2 MK. 25 Laser Cannons, 2 MK. 40F Neutron Guns, 2 Dart Dumbfire Missiles, 2 Pilum Friend or Foe Missiles and 1 Spiculum Infrared Missile. Shielding is 8.0 cm and 7.5 cm, fore and aft. Armor plating has a thickness of 6.0 cm, 5.5 cm and 5.0 cm (front, rear and sides).

Wing Commander is one of the classic space combat sims for the PC, SNES and Amiga. Wing Commander was developed and published by Origin Systems. It received stellar reviews from critics who praised its graphics, storyline and music. In the same year the first add-on, The Secret Missions, was released with the Secret Missions 2 being released in the following year.