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Hubble’s Star 1

Hubble's Star 1In this system you’ll be flying the Scimitar with Bossman as your wingman. The first mission is a simple 3-point patrol and while the briefing says the patrols should be uneventful they certainly won’t be!

Briefing: Your patrol should be uneventful. We’re expecting some fuel tankers soon so we need to be sure the nearby jump points are clear of hostiles. Do a thorough sweep of the area and return to the ‘Claw with a report.

Nav 1 – Consists of a Ralari capship supported by 4 Krant.

Nav 2 – You’ll find 2 Dorkir class tankers with 4 Dralthi as support. Dakhath is flying one of the Dralthi.

Nav 3 – Has a mine field nearby which you can easily avoid.

Hubble’s Star 2

Hubble's Star 2Two tankers need to be escorted back to the Tiger’s Claw. This mission needs a bit of skill and a lot of luck.

Briefing: You’ll rendezvous with the two Drayman tankers here, at Nav 1 then escort them back to the Tiger’s Claw at top speed. You must protect them from any attackers. The ‘Claw has to have that fuel.

Mine Field – When crossing the mine field you’ll be attacked by 4 Dralthi.

Nav 2 – The tankers are being attacked by 4 Gratha. Try taunting them to distract them from blowing up the tankers.

Hubble’s Star 3

Hubble's Star 3Things really start to heat up in this last battle. Not only will you encounter heavy resistance at the first nav point but have to rescue the Tiger’s Claw from being blown to bits by a Kilrathi strike force when you return.

Briefing: The bogies were spotted at Nav 1 start looking for them there. Go see what they are, and evaluate any threat they pose to our position here. If the situation looks good, you can engage. Once you’ve handled them, return to the ‘Claw for reassignment.

Nav 1 – This nav point is surrounded by asteroid fields. On top of that you’ll be attacked by 4 Krant.

Tiger’s Claw – Back at the Tiger’s Claw you’ll encounter waves of Kilrathi. The first wave has 4 Gratha and the second wave 2 Jalthi.

Success: Rostov System

Failure: Hell’s Kitchen