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Cheng-Du 1

Cheng-du 1As soon as you jump into the Cheng-Du System you’ll be needed to resuce the Valkyrie from Kilrathi heavy fighters. Unfortunately you’re only in a Hornet. In these missions you’ll have Angel as your wingman.

Briefing: This is Valkyrie’s current position. She’s got a wing of four Krant on her tail. They’re within 20,000 klicks and closing. You’ll rendezvous with her, and cover her retreat back to the Claw.

Nav 1 – once you reach the Valkyrie it will be under attack from 4 Krant. Once they’ve been destroyed you’ll need to seek out the nearby Ralari which is being escorted by 2 Krant. Take them all out to win the mission.

Cheng-Du 2

Cheng-du 2From here you need to escort an Exeter to its jump point. There’s an asteroid field in between the Tiger’s Claw and the jump point with Kilrathi light fighters lying in wait.

Briefing: The jump point is here, at Nav 1. Look alert out there, as you may need to guide the destroyer. We have detected several asteroid fields in the area and we believe there may be Kilrathi fighters nearby as well.

Nav 1 – The trip through the asteroid field the first time is uneventful. At Nav 1 you’ll be attacked by 5 Dralthi with the leader of the group a wingleader by the name of Dakhath. Try to take him out first as he’ll head straight for the Exeter.

Asteroid Field – On the way back to the Tiger’s claw you’ll run into a group of 4 Salthi. Some of them may take themselves out by crashing into the asteroids, use your lasers to kill the rest of them.

Cheng-Du 3

Cheng-du 3The Tiger’s Claw is under attack. Defend it against waves of Kilrathi heavy fighters. You’ll still be in the zippy Hornet with Angel at your side.

Briefing: We’ve got six Kilrathi Gratha headed for the Tiger’s Claw. You Killer Bees are the only squadron available so you’re going to have to stop them before they can blow the Claw.

Tiger’s Claw – Once you leave the Tiger’s Claw you’ll be attacked by 2 Gratha. The next wave of 4 Gratha won’t arrive until you’ve killed the first 2 so take your time and protect your ship from damage.

Success: Brimstone System

Failure: Port Hedland