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Gimle 1

Gimle 1It’s time to step into the heavy fighter, the Raptor. In these missions Angel will be flying as your wingman.

Briefing: The Exeter is currently at Nav 1. Her skipper reports at least three Kilrathi fighters in the area. You’ll head straight for the Exeter, and help in her defense. When the Kilrathi have routed, come on back home.

Tiger’s Claw – As soon as you launch you’ll be attacked by two waves of Kilrathi. The first wave has 2 Salthi and the second wave also has 2 Salthi.

Nav 1 – It’s here you’ll find the Exeter under attack from 3 Jalthi. Try to taunt them to so they’ll attack you instead of the Exeter, otherwise it won’t last long.

Gimle 2

Gimle 2In this mission you’ll be testing out the latest fighter called the Rapier. It’s very fast and also has a good assortment of weapons. Angel will still be on your wing.

Briefing: Just fly by each Nav Point, watching for signs of enemy activity. There’s a field of what looks like asteroids around Nav 1 so watch yourself in that area.

Nav 1 – There’s an asteroid field at Nav 1. Stick to the northern point to avoid most of it.

Nav 2 – There’ll be 4 Dralthi here but you shouldn’t have any problems in your new Rapier.

Nav 3 – 2 Gratha will attack you here.

Gimle 3

gimle 3For the last mission in this system you’ll need to check out the Kilrathi forces near to Nav 1. If you get overwhelmed make your way back to the Tiger’s Claw.

Briefing: Nav 1 indicates their last confirmed position. We believe the bogies are Dralthi and we estimate their present location here. If you think you can take them, go ahead and engage but break off if the squadron turns out to be too big to handle.

Nav 1 – Once you find the Kilrathi you’ll be attacked by 2 waves with 6 Dralthi in the first wave and 3 in the second. The second wave is led by Kilrathi hotshot Dakhath. Take him out first or risk having him get on your tail.

Success: Dakota System

Failure: Brimstone System