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Rostov 1

Rostov 1Flying the Raptor with Iceman as your wingman you’ll need to fly a four point patrol, taking out any Kilrathi along the way, and there’s a lot of them!

Briefing: You’ll recon four potential jump points on this one. We suspect the Kilrathi are running supplies near Nav 2 or 3 so be especially alert in those areas. And keep your eyes open for asteroids there are several rather dense asteroid fields in the area.

Nav 1 – Just an asteroid field.

Nav 2 – This nav point is located inside an asteroid field. Aside from dodging rocks you’ll also have to take out 2 Dralthi.

Nav 3 – You’ll face waves of Kilrathi here. The first have has 2 Gratha, the second wave has 4 Gratha and lastly you’ll face a lone Dorkir.

Nav 4 – Luckily there’s only an asteroid field to contend with here.

Rostsov 2

Rostov 2You and Iceman will be tasked with taking out a Ralari in the area. It’s escorted by heavy fighters. Make sure you order Iceman to target one of the Jalthi escorts otherwise he’ll head straight for the capship, leaving you to fend for yourself with 4 Jalthi!

Briefing: Your mission will be to engage the Ralari and destroy it. We don’t have a tactical report of its escort ships, but rest assured they’ll be there.

Asteroid Field – Along the way to the Ralari you’ll fly through an asteroid field and be attacked by two waves of Salthi. First have has 2 and the second wave has 3.

Nav 1 – As mentioned above order Iceman to attack one of the 4 Jalthi while you go for the other. Repeat and then go for the Ralari.

Rostov 3

Rostov 3There are tons of asteroid fields here so make your way slowly through them trying not to take any damage.

Briefing: We have a fix that puts her here, near Nav 2. You can proceed through Nav 1, avoiding the asteroid field along the way or you can pick your way straight through the rocks. Tactical says neither route is significantly better, so it’s your call.

Nav 2 – You’ll have a few minutes to take out the 4 Krant before the Fralthi jumps in.

Back to Tiger’s Claw – In an asteroid field back to the Tiger’s Claw you’ll run into 4 Dralthi.

Success: Venice System

Failure: Hell’s Kitchen