Alone in the Dark 3 is the third in this survival horror series by Infogrames. It was released in 1993 for the PC and a Windows version was released 1996 called Alone in the Dark 3: Ghosts in Town.

This is the last game in the original series and continues the story of Detective Edward Carnby. This time he’s called out to investigate the disappearance of a missing crewmember, Emily Hartwood. As he searches deeper into the town he discovers it’s been haunted.

The controls in Alone in the Dark 3 are a little more responsive then the first two games. There’s no need to manually reload your guns and the fighting scenes are a little quicker and more fluid.

Alone in the Dark 3 Walkthrough


After the cut-scene run across the bridge as it explodes. Pick up the Gas Can from the right side of the patio in front of the Saloon and then enter the Saloon.

Search the corner of the stage to pick up the Maraca. Pick up the Key from the table and then use the Gas Can on the projector to watch a short movie. Pick up the Oil Can from the corner of the Saloon.

Walk to the back, into the small room to the left of the back counter, to find a Box of Matches. When you come out you’ll be attacked by a Gunman. Hide behind the counter underneath the walkway. When he runs out of bullets he’ll run away.

Search the shelves behind the counter to find a bottle of Wood Alcohol, a Bottle and a Flask. Drinking from the Flask will restore some of your health. Throw the Bottle to smash it and then pick up the Token that was inside. Use the Token on the side of the piano to watch another little movie. At the end of it you’ll find an Oil Lamp.

Now walk back behind the counter and push the left horn of the skull on the wall. This opens a trapdoor and a Gunman will climb up. Hide behind the skull until the Gunman runs out of ammo. You can then kill him with a few punches. He drops the Ace of Diamonds and a Gold Bullet. Drop down the trapdoor.


It’s dark down here so open your inventory and use the Oil Can to fill up the Lamp. Use the Box of Matches to light the Lamp and then use the Lamp. Walk to the end of the cellar and pick up the Cane from the wall. Look at the large poster for a clue.

Open the left-most barrel. It will say the door is locked when you get close to it but you’ll be able to open it anyway. Stand back and then use the Maraca to lure the little snakes out of the barrel. Stay away from the large snake in the middle barrel. Go through the barrel and up the ladder.


A Gunman will follow you up the ladder. Kill him or push him back down the hole. Pick up the Stone from the wooden bed and then throw it at the wall to break it open. Pick up the Indian Amulet and then use the Cane to grab the Key outside the cell door. Use the Key to open the door.

Walk down the wall and enter the room on Carnby’s left. Place the Wood Alcohol down in front of the drunk man and once he dies pick up the Flask.

Leave the room and go back down the hallway the way you came and go down the corridor with the pentagram etched into the floor. Enter the room on Carnby’s left and look at the three posters on the wall.

Search the drawers on the left to find a Sheriff’s Badge and Bullets for a Winchester. Use the Key to unlock the Gun Case on the right. Search the gun case to find a Winchester. Leave the room and don’t bother going into the room opposite. There’s only a monster in there and nothing else.

Continue down the corridor and push the large closet in front of the double doors. Open the closet to find a Shotgun. Climb up the rope ladder to the roof.


Pick up the Whip and follow the path around to the top of the screen. Continue forwards, past the intersection on Carnby’s left, to a red beam of light. When the red beam of light turns off pick up the Voodoo Hangman’s Rope from the floor.

Go back and take the path now on Carnby’s right. In front of an orange door you’ll find a Cast Iron Plate. You can wear it now for some extra protection.

Continue around, past a hold in the roof, and pick up a Cartridge Belt. Use the Whip a few times on the Lone Miner until he drops a Bag Full of Gold Coins. Now you can finish him off with your Winchester. When he dies he drops a Sack Full of Scorpions.

Go back to the orange door and shoot it to open it. After entering Carnby won’t be able to breathe. Use the Voodoo Hangman’s Rope and the two men will fall down. Now walk close to the open trapdoor and use the Sack Full of Scorpions. Push the Lever to close the trapdoor and then search in the far right corner to find a Stick of Dynamite and a Piece of Dried Meat.

Leave the room and continue past where you killed the Lone Miner. You’ll be attacked by a Gunman in front of you and one behind you. When you’ve dealt with both of them enter the room with the red barrel. The door will close behind you. Pick up the Gatling Gun and the Flask and then hide behind the barrel to avoid being shot.

Pick up the Short Fuse from the front side of the barrel and use the Short Fuse to add it to the Stick of Dynamite. Use the Stick of Dynamite on the crack in the wall just to the right of the red barrel. Use the Box of Matches to light the dynamite and blow a hole in the wall.

Run through the hole and stand on the pressure plate with the symbol of the arrow on it. This opens a door to the right and causes a guard further down the corridor to run off. Run down the corridor to the right and follow the path all the way around, past a hole in the wall, towards an orange door.

Kill the Gunman who comes out of the orange door and run behind the wooden walls to a mechanism. When you get close to the mechanism it will tell you a gear is missing. Use the Sheriff’s Badge in the mechanism.

Stand next to the mechanism and use the Whip to operate the mechanism which opens the orange door. Go through the orange door and pick up the Flask. Walk to the edge of the plank and pick up the Bullets for a Winchester. Walk back and then run over the plank. Carnby will leap into the building opposite.


Walk down the corridor and pick up the Costume Jewelry Ring from the floor in front of the hole. Walk back towards the broken window and use the Matches to light the candle on the left. This will open the left door. Go through the door, pick up the Sheet from a Newspaper and read it.

Run over to the cuckoo clock and give the Piece of Dried Meat to the bird. You’ll be given a Token and the Arizona Kid will run off through a painting. Pick up the Night Valet and and the Flask by the painting and then follow the Kid through to the other side.

In the bedroom search the closest bedpost to find an Arrow. Search the desk drawer to find a 30/30 Bullet, a Bulb and a Pearl. Push the mirror. It will spin around and you’ll find a Key. Use the Arrow on the statue of Cupid on one of the bedposts. This will activate the painting. Run back through the painting.

Leave the room and walk back down the corridor towards the hole in the floor. Use the Key to open the door on the left and go through. Pick up the Diary, Flask and Instruction Sheet and then read both the Diary and Instruction Sheet.

Walk to the statue of the dragon and use the Costume Jewelry Ring to pull off the Diamond. Use the Diamond to place it in the dragon’s eye. The dragon will drop Bullets for a Winchester. Walk out to the balcony and then walk across to the left until a Gunman shoots you from behind the shutters. Drop the Night Valet to block the shots. When the Gunman comes out he’ll drop through the trapdoor. Push the shutters down to make a path over the gap and then walk into the room where the Gunman was hiding.

Pick up the Key from the table and the Shutter Release, Flash and Instruction Sheet from the floor behind the table. Read the Instruction Sheet and then look at the photos hanging on the wall. Go back out to the balcony and into the room with the dragon statue.

Head back to the hallway and use the Key on the last locked door, to the right of the broken window. Go inside and pick up the Oil Can but don’t get too close to the creature.

Stand in the left corner with the small circle on the ground. Use the Bulb and then the Shutter Release. Use the Flash and the creature will be killed by the bright light.

Punch the Dart Board to open the closet and look inside to find a Flask and a War Stick. Use the Token on the side of the piano to watch a short movie. When you’re done the box will move, revealing a hole in the floor. Drop down the hole.


Use the Oil Can to fill up the lamp and then the Matches to light the lamp. Use the Lamp and then drop the Lamp because you won’t be needing it any more. Run outside of the cave and walk onto the first pillar.

Take a standing jump to the pillar ahead and then to the one on the left of the screen. As you jump from pillar to pillar other pillars will rise up. Jump to the pillar to Carnby’s right and then straight ahead to meet an Indian. Use the War Stick and the Indian will let you past.

Pick up the Box of Cartridges and Small Key and then walk onto the pillar on Carnby’s left. Keep jumping, following the path shown below.

When you get to the last pillar that you can reach use the Indian Amulet while facing the far wall and an Indian will appear. The Indian will teleport you over and you’ll be lifted up into a mansion.


Use the Shotgun or Winchester to kill the first Guard and run around the second Guard until he stands up. Take him out as well and then pick up the Flask that the first Guard dropped. The second Guard drops a Top Hat and a Key.

Use the Key to open the locked double-doors at the end of the hall that lead to the library. Search the first three bookshelves to find a White Book, a Book and a Locked Book. Search the statue at the end of the library to find a Pocket Watch and then search the table for a Printing Plate.

Read the Book about the Ziegler Watch. Stand in front of the mirror and use the Printing Plate to see a short article from the newspaper. Use the Small Key to open the Locked Book and then read it for information about the Navajo.

Use the Matches on the candle on the table and then stand near it while reading the White Book. Leave the library and run back to the other side of the hallway towards the orange barrel. Stand back from the double-doors and use the Pocket Watch to open them. Enter the room and you’ll get knocked over.

Use the Top Hat on the statue to find a Box of Cartridges. Walk up to Morrison to take the Story-Board and read it. Walk towards the steps leading up to the red curtain and you’ll be attacked by a Zombie. Quickly shoot the window to break it and run up the stairs to escape.


Run around the cemetery until the 2 Zombies appear. Stand next to the stone in the center and use the War Stick. The Zombies will die and one of the gravestones will be hit with lightning. Go over to the gravestone (O.E.J) and use the Ace of Diamonds on it. Step into the hole to find a message and be lifted back up into the mansion.


Read the Message. Search the table to find an Oil Can. Pick up the Roll of Film from the floor and search the sideboard to find a Bag of Pemmican. Walk over to the fireplace and use the Oil Can. The walls will lift up, giving you access to the ballroom area.

Enter the ballroom and search the woman and the man about halfway down. The woman has a Box of Cartridges and the man has a Hammer. Continue to the end of the ballroom and dodge the bullets from the performers if you can. Search the Record Player for a Guitar String, Musical Score and a Key to a Safe.

Shoot the Dwarf and then leave the Ballroom. Try to avoid the spinning Dwarf on the way back. Run behind the cupboard to find a secret passage. Open the door and walk down the corridor. You can try to open the two orange doors but they are walled up with bricks. Come back to the first orange door and use the 30/30 Bullet. Use the Hammer to break open the lock and enter the room.

Search the Model Train Station on the counter to find a Blasting Cap, Map and a Light Bulb. Read the Map. Walk around to the other side of the room and use the Guitar String on the Mounting Table. Use the Light Bulb and then use the Musical Score to read it. You’ll notice some numbers 8, 0 ,6.

Exit through the door which leads to a bank.


Search the table for an Astronomy Book and read it. Search the painting at the end of the room to find a Code Entry Device. Continue using the device until you see the numbers 806 at the bottom of the screen. This deactivates a trap so you can get behind the counter.

Run behind the counter and walk up to the vault door. Use the Pearl on the door. Then use the Key to a Safe to unlock the door. A Guard comes out and steals your Amulet. Kill the Guard and reclaim your Amulet. Walk into the vault to find a Box of Cartridges and Hill Century’s Money in a briefcase.

Go near to the window and search it to open the window and escape.

Train Station

After crashing through the roof of the workshop walk close to the guy for a Message. Read the Message. Searching the saddle in the corner will get you a Flask and searching the Minecar will get you a Detonator and a Box of Cartridges. After searching the Minecar you’ll hop in and go for a ride.

Run into the barn. When the door closes behind you get ready for a fight. The Station Master on the beams will spawn in four Goons, two at a time. Kill them and then knock into the Station Sign on the right wall. A Key will fall off onto the floor.

Search the rails piled up on the side of the room for an Eye-Bolt. Run to the bell by the door in the corner and use the Eye-Bolt on the bell three times to open the door.

Run outside and go to the left. Place the Blasting Cap by the fence on the left. Run back towards the rocks and use the Detonator Box to blow up the train station.

Follow the train tracks down one screen and then walk one screen to the left. You’ll find the water tower. Drop the Suitcase Key and Hill Century’s Money on the ground by the water tower. After getting killed you’ll turn into a Cougar.


Run out of the cave and then out through the gate of the cemetery. Go into the Saloon and then up the stairs. When you come to the hole in the floor jump over it and then take a running jump out the window. You’ll land on the roof of the other building.

Follow the path around to the hole in the wall with the statue and take a running jump onto the statue. You’ll pick up the Golden Eagle from the statue and drop down.

Run to the left and around the building to the right. Continue forwards, in between the workshop and the other larger building.

Go close to the Barrel of Tar and you’ll dip your paw into it. Head back the way you came and take a left to the front of the building with the columns. You’ll be attacked by a Werewolf but you can’t hurt it yet.

Enter the white building with the square columns, next to the cemetery. Turn right just as you enter and go close to the barrel. This one is filled with Silver Salts and thanks to the Tar it will stick to your paw. You can now injure the Werewolves.

Leave the building and fight the first Werewolf. The second Werewolf is waiting for you inside the cemetery. Enter the cemetery, kill the Werewolf, and then go back inside the Cave. When you go close to the fire you’ll automatically drop the Golden Eagle and Carnby will come back to life.

Railway Station

Walk behind the grave to find a Piece of Soap. On the rail tracks you’ll also find a Colt dropped by one of the Guards. Make your way back to the Water Tower to meet your Double.

Drop your Colt on the ground and then go up to touch your double. You’ll turn into a Cowboy. Pick up the Colt and then climb up the ladder to the top of the water tower.

Drop off the edge of the walkway into the tank and use the Piece of Soap when the Dirty Ghoul gets close. Take the Metallic Brush and the Flask. Use the Metallic Brush on the hole in the center pylon to open a trapdoor. Drop down the trapdoor to a secret underground area.


From here on the fights are much more difficult. Be sure to SAVE your game often.

Run forwards and pick up the Dead Leaf in the corner. Search the first picture on the wall to see a map of the area. Use the Dead Leaf on the second picture of the Indian to open the door to the next area. In a corner by the door you’ll find a Notebook by an engineer called Hutchinson.

Climb up the small ladder and run down the corridor. Here you’ll meet your first Ghoul. Shoot him with the Colt to weaken him if you want. Otherwise run around and try to get behind him before punching him a few times. Run away and then repeat until he’s dead. A second Ghoul will attack from the next room.

Once both the Ghouls are dead you’ll have a chance to search the alcoves for a Flask and a Pick-Axe. The pick-axe is in the first alcove on the right from the entrance. The flask is in the alcove furthest from the entrance in the second room.

Leave through the exit and pick up the Sheets of Paper. Read them for some clues. There is an invisible path across the pit of spikes. Begin on the tile 3 from the top. Go left once, down once, left twice, up once, left once, up once, left once, up once and left once to reach the other side.

On the other side you’ll see a Miner with a Pick-Axe. The only way to defeat him is to use your Pick-Axe and attack with downward strokes to the center of his chest. Go past him to the library where another goon attacks.

Hold the Pick-Axe and let him hit you once. Your pick-axe will be destroyed but now you have a long piece of wood. Attack him with the Piece of Wood and then pick up the Book. Read the book for a map. Pick up the Water Pitcher from behind the support column on the left.

Leave through the door to the north. On the way out you’ll pick up a Needle. Walk close to the Tiny Man at the end of the corridor and use the Water Pitcher to turn him to stone. Enter the lift and pick up the China Piggy-Bank. Throw the Piggy-Bank and inside you’ll find a Microscope Glass Plate.

Push the Lever and exit the lift. Walk to the table in the far corner and use the Microsope Glass Plate on the Microscope. Open/Search to use the Microscope and see the colors in this order, White, Green, Blue and Red. Push the colored lights in that order to open the next door.

Go through to the lab and walk up to the table. Search the table to find a Vial of Poison. Use the Vial of Poison and you’ll put some of the poison in the Needle.

Walk over to the other side of the lab to the cell. Use the Vial of Poison on the Distilling Coil and you’ll shrink. Quickly run through the bars of the cell. When you grow bigger use the Poisoned Needle like a weapon and stab the Prisoner. Pick up the Key to the Goal, a Piece of Straw and a Bottle of Ammonia.

Use the Key to the Goal to get out and then stand next to the distilling coil again. Use the Vial of Poison once more and this time run through the little hole in the wall under the table. Use the Piece of Straw and then run to vault over the gap. Quickly pick up the Vial with a Potion and leave through the exit before you grow bigger again.

Now you’ll face a Giant Spider. Quickly run over to the glowing food on the left and use the Vial with a Potion. Stand back and let the creature eat from it. When the creature shrinks walk over and step on it. Pick up the Glue Pot just in front of the spider web. Make sure you don’t get too close to the web or you’ll get stuck.

Go to the other side of the cave where there’s a beam of light and use the Glue Pot. You can now climb up through the hole in the roof.

Quickly search the desk so you can pick up the Hammer’s Head. Avoid the Goon and then throw the Hammer’s Head down the hole. He’ll go chasing after it.

Pick up the Lead Ingot from the Anvil and then push the Anvil out of the way for a Flask. Search the small hole for the Winchester and then leave through the door.

Qickly use the Winchester to kill Cobra, the martial arts expert, and then pick up his Wig, Silver Dollar and the Flask from the corner. Look at the painting on the wall and then use the Silver Dollar to open the door.

Go through the door, climb down the ladder, and pick up the Box of Matches. Go through the door to a room where Emily is being held hostage. Stand in front of the crucible and use the Lead Ingot. Use the Box of Matches to light it.

Emily will escape and then faint. Make sure you pick up the Evil Wand with a Mineral Tip that you just made and then the Scorched Paper in the corner. In an opposite corner you’ll find some Ammunition and near to Emily’s feet you’ll find a Parchment. Read the Parchment and the Scorched Paper and then go through the open door.

Quickly pull out your Winchester and shoot the Guard before he gets too close. If the Guard gets close enough to stab you stand right next to him and he won’t be able to hit you.

Turn around and throw the Bottle of Ammonia at the door. This should wake Emily up and she’ll rescue you. Pick up the Knife that the Guard left behind and walk to the other end of the corridor.

Use the Wig on the hook by the door to unlock the door and go through. Quickly run to the right to the Eagle Statue and use the Evil Wand with a Mineral Tip to kill most of the Guards.

In the back corner you’ll find a Flask. Jed is still alive. The only way to kill him is to electrocute him. Turn on the Tap by the water tank, pick up the Glove and use it, and then use the Knife to cut the cables. Locations shown below.

Run back to the area with the statue and hide behind the wall. Eventually Jed will stand in the water and electrocute himself. Pick up the Sack of Coal and then head through the door to the left of the cables.

Enter the front train car with Emily and use the Sack of Coal on the front compartment. Push the Lever to the right to complete the game.

Congratulations on completing this rather tricky horror/adventure game. If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out the other Alone in the Dark games.