Axiom Verge is a metroidvania set in a strange alien world. It was primarily designed by a single guy, Thomas Happ, and released in 2015 for Windows, Linux, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Axiom Verge features a ton of weapons. Many of them are just for fun or may have a single purpose. You’ll also find various nodes and upgrades. Many of them are inaccessible the first time you visit an area. We’ll be backtracking for all the items later on in the walkthrough.

Axiom Verge Walkthrough

Part 1: Eribu

Part 2: Absu

Part 3: Zi

Part 4: Kur

Part 5: Indi

Part 6: Ukkin-Na

Part 7: Edin

Part 8: E-Kur-Mah

Part 9: Backtracking

Part 10: Mar-Uru

Axiom Verge World Map