King's Quest 4 WalkthroughKing’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella is the fourth installment of the King’s Quest series. You play the role of King Graham’s daughter, Rosella, where you have 24 hours to finish your quest.

Just as Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella were about to grab the adventurer’s cap King Graham collapses on the floor! The only way for Rosella to save him is to travel to the land of Tamir and find the magical fruit that gives health and long life to those who eat it.

Ganesta, the good fairy queen, tells you about the evil witch Lolotte who has stolen her talisman. The only way for Rosella to get back to Daventry is to recover the talisman from the evil witch.

King’s Quest 4 Walkthrough

You begin your adventure by the ocean. Walk east for two screens and you should see a robin trying to pull out a worm. Walk close to the robin to scare it away and then get the worm. If the robin is not here don’t worry about it for now. You’ll have a chance to find it later (Or walk east another two screens now to find the robin).

Walk south to a beautiful pool. Wait around for Cupid to arrive. Watch him as he drops his bow and arrows and go for a swim. Walk over to the bow and you’ll scare him away. Take the bow.

Walk north twice to the little bridge over the river. Look under bridge to find a golden ball. Walk north once more to a pond with a frog on a lillypad. Drop ball in pond. The frog will dive down to retrieve it for you. Pick up frog and kiss frog. The frog will turn into a not-so-charming prince. Oh well! at least he gives you the little golden crown. Take the ball as well before you leave.

Walk east into the graveyard. You can read some of the tombstones here but we’ll be back later when it’s dark. Go south and open door to the house in the tree. It’s such a mess in here so clean up. The dwarves will return home and mess things up again. Once they leave for work clean up once more and then look at table. Take pouch and look in pouch to find some diamonds.

Exit the house and walk south. Enter the cave and walk to the right to the end of the cave and talk to the dwarf. Give pouch to dwarf. He’ll let you keep the pouch and include a lantern as well. Exit the cave and walk to the east. If you haven’t already found the robin you may find it here. Scare it away and get the worm.

Walk to the north twice to the big house and open door. There’s more to explore in this house but all we need is in the room to the west so walk over there.

Look at books, take book, look at painting, look at wall and pull latch on the wall to open up a secret room. Walk through the secret door and take shovel.

Exit the house. Head east to the crypt and then south to the waterfall. If you try to enter the waterfall you’ll be pushed back. Wear crown to transform into a frog! Swim under the waterfall to a cave on the other side.

Get board and walk east to the next room. Get bone and then exit the cave back through the waterfall. Walk south and then east up the path to the castle. Lolotte’s goons are here. Let them catch you and take you back to the castle.

First Quest – Catching the Unicorn

Lolotte will throw you in a cell and ask you to go on a special mission for her, to catch a unicorn. Walk to the west four times to the area where the unicorn normally grazes. Don’t get too close. Instead shoot arrow at unicorn. The unicorn will fall in love with you but there’s now way to ride it just yet.

Walk north and talk to minstrel. He’s not a very good lute player. Maybe he would prefer acting. Give book to minstrel and he’ll give you his lute in return.

Walk north to find the satyr called Pan. He’s playing the flute but it’s not really his forte. Give lute to Pan and he’ll exchange it for his flute.

Walk north and west to the fisherman’s house. Walk west along the pier and try to talk to man. He’ll ignore you and eventually stand up and walk back to his house. Follow him back to his house. Open door and try to talk to man again and then give pouch to man.

With all those diamonds the man doesn’t need to fish anymore so he’ll give you his fishing pole. Exit the house and walk west to the end of the pier. Bait pole with worm and then fish. Woohoo, you catch a fish!

If you haven’t saved your game recently now would be a good time to do it.

Drop into the water and swim to the west until you reach Genesta’s Island. Walk around the island until you find a peacock that sheds a feather. Take feather. You can explore the island and talk to Genesta if you want but there’s nothing she can do for you at the moment.

Save game here.

Swim back into the ocean to the east and swim around until a whale appears. Let it swallow you. If a shark appears there’s not much you can do. Just restore the game and try to wait around for the whale.

Inside the whale get bottle, open bottle and read note. Climb up the center of the whale tongue and then diagonally over to the right. Tickle whale with feather. If you’re not in the right spot move a little and try again. The whale will spit you out.

Swim north to the island and throw fish to pelican. It will drop a whistle. Pick up whistle. Stand inside the boat wreck and look at ground. Rosella will find a golden bridle! Stand on the shore and blow whistle. A dolphin appears to give you a ride so ride the dolphin.

Find the unicorn. It’ll be standing wherever you tamed it with Cupid’s arrow. Put bridle on unicorn and then ride unicorn. You’ll be taken back to Lolotte’s castle for another quest.

Second Quest – The Ogre’s Hen

Lolotte isn’t happy with just a unicorn, she wants the ogre’s hen as well. When the goons drop you off walk west twice and south once to find the ogre’s house. Open door and throw bone to dog. Head upstairs and take the axe.

Go back downstairs and open door beneath the stairs and go inside. Look keyhole and wait for the ogre to return and fall asleep. Once he’s asleep open door, walk to the table and get hen.

Open door and leave the ogre house. Unfortunately the hen will wake up the ogre and chase you. To escape run to the east. Swing the axe to scare the trees so the won’t grab you. Go north and then east to take the path up to Lolotte’s castle and complete the second quest.

Third Quest – Pandora’s Box

Lolotte is still not happy and wants you to steal Pandora’s Box. When the goons drop you off go west, south and east. Enter the skull cave and wait until one of the witches moves towards you. Dodge her by going around the cauldron and then stand in between the other two witches. You’ll notice they’re throwing an eye between them. Get eye at the right time.

Leave the cave and go back inside. The witches will throw you the black scarab. Get scarab and then throw eye to witches. Leave the cave.

Walk south three times back to the waterfall and wear crown. Dive under the waterfall into the cave. Light lantern.

Walk to the east as far as you can and then go south for as many screens as you can go. Walk to the east but not too far. Put board across chasm. If you are not close enough move closer until you can place the board down.

Walk across the board, go north and then east to the exit of the cave. Move to the edge of the water and jump across to tufts of grass. On the last one place the board down and a snake will rise up. Play the flute to charm the snake. Walk across the board and get fruit.

Walk back over the board, take board and jump back across. Enter the cave, put board down across the chasm and make your way back to the waterfall.

Go north to the graveyard. The spirits can’t hurt you here while you have the black scarab. Walk west to the haunted house and open door. From here you’ll need to calm a number of spirits before finding what you need.

A baby is crying so head upstairs and enter the door to the left. Walk to the west and look at crib. It rocks but no-one appears to be in it. Exit the house and walk west to the graveyard and read the gravestones until you find one that belongs to a 6-month old child. Dig to find a silver baby rattle.

Go east, enter the house and go back to the babies crib. Put rattle in crib to calm the baby spirit. Walk back downstairs and you’ll see another ghost. Look at ghost to see it’s an old miser. Head back to the graveyard to the west and dig at the gravestone that mentions a miser for a bag of gold coins. Go east and enter the house. Give gold coins to ghost to calm the miser.

Once again you hear crying upstairs. Go upstairs and this time enter the right bedroom. Look at ghost to find out she is lonely and heartbroken. Exit the house and go to the west graveyard. Search the gravestones until you find one of a woman whose love was lost at sea. Dig to find a locket. Go back to the bedroom and give locket to ghost.

Head downstairs to find a ghost with one leg. Look at ghost to find he’s the lord of the house. Return to the west graveyard and find the tombstone of someone who served their country well. Dig to find a medal. Return to the house and give medal to ghost.

A boy ghost will appear and go upstairs. Follow him up into the bedroom on the right. Climb up ladder into the attic and look at ghost. This time go to the graveyard to the east and search for a tombstone of a boy called Willy. Dig to find a toy horse. Return to the attic and give toy horse to ghost.

Now that all the ghosts are taken care of go close to the chest, open chest and look in chest to find some sheet music.

Go back to the entrance and to the west to the secret room. Walk up the stairs and sit at the organ. Play the sheet music and a secret drawer will open up. Look in drawer and get key. Leave the house and go to the east graveyard.

Go to the crypt and unlock door. Look and then get rope. The rope is actually a ladder. Climb down ladder. Get Pandora’s Box. Only open the box if you want to see what happens. Save the game before you try it. Climb ladder and exit the crypt. Walk to the south twice and the east along the path to be picked up by Lolotte’s goons.

The Talisman

Now that you’ve finished all the quests Lolotte has plans to marry you off to her son in the morning. Wait until Edgar comes to give you a rose. Look at rose to find a key. Take key. You can now unlock door and open door.

Go downstairs and walk to the east into the dining room. Take the uppermost doorway and go east into the kitchen. Open cabinet to find all of your possessions. Take all.

Go west into the dining room again and this time take the lower doorway to the east. This will take you to the throne room. Take the stairs up to the east and follow them all the way to the top.

Unlock door, open door and look at Lolotte. She’s sleeping but if you try to take the talisman she’ll wake up. You still have cupid’s arrows so shoot arrow at Lolotte. Edgar will come in but isn’t worried about what you’ve done. Take talisman.

Go downstairs one flight of stairs and head west. Open the door to the right and you’ll find the items you found in your quests. take Pandora’s box and take hen. Go east and back down the stairs. Go west and south to leave the castle.

Enter the stable on the left side and open gate to set the unicorn free. Take the path down to the valley below. Walk north twice back to the crypt. Enter crypt climb down ladder and put down box to return the Pandora’s box to its rightful place. Climb up ladder and exit the crypt. Lock the door.

Walk west five times and north once. Then go out along the pier to the west. Dive into the water and swim west to Ganesta’s island. Go south and then west. Open door and go inside. Climb up the stairs to to top and give Ganesta the talisman to win the game!

Congratulations on completing King’s Quest IV!


King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella was released in 1988 by Sierra On-Line. It was designed by Roberta Williams and was the first PC game to support sound cards instead of the old PC speaker. It also features improved graphics a day/night cycle and mouse support.

King’s Quest 4 was well received by gamers and the press who rated it around 80 to 90 out of 100. It was awarded the Best Adventure Game of 1988 by Software Publishers Association.