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Chapter 3: The Sky is Falling!

Queen Valanice is being attacked by a giant salamander! Perhaps all he wants is something to eat. Give the prickly pear to the giant salamander and he’ll crawl back into his cave. Exit the cave to the north.

Head west and talk to the stag. Look at the stake in the try and try to pull it out. Walk to the west and then to the north. Make your way across the dry riverbed by jumping across the stones to the other side. Talk to the spider and the hummingbird stuck in the web.

Use the basket to catch the spider and talk to the hummingbird again to set her free. Walk to the north and enter through the little red door. You’ll be approached by the Archduke Yip Yip. Talk to him and then show him Rosella’s comb.

Enter the China Shop and speak with the owner. He’ll tell you about a little bird that was stolen from him. Look at the mask hanging on the wall. Exit the shop and walk all the way to the east.

Click on cage to remove the covering and then click on it again to take the bird. Talk to the merchant in the sales cart. Show him Rosella’s comb and he’ll give you some information. Walk back to the China Shop and give the owner the bird. He’ll be so happy he’ll let you have the mask.

Exit the shop, wear the mask and knock on the town hall door. Exit through the tapestry to the north. You’ll come to a confusing set of staircases.


Go up the stairs to the west, continue up the stairs, then go down and open the upside down door. Open the drawer in the table and something will fall out. You can’t pick it up yet so leave the room.

Walk back up and then up to the west. Head down the stairs to the east and then down again. Continue down the stairs and then knock on the door twice. Take a look at the mirrors on the wall. The mirror on the back wall furthest to the right will draw you in to the other room where you can pick up the magic statuette.

Use the comb on the statuette to have a vision of Rosella. Exit through the door and go up, up to the east, down and then to the south. Exit the town hall.

Walk to the east and grab the wooden nickel from the nest. Try to enter the faux shop. It doesn’t seem real so eat the salt crystals and try to enter the faux shop again. Look at the books and give the wooden nickel to the turtle for a book.

Leave the town and make your way back through the forest to the desert. When you exit the cave walk east to the Rare Curiosities shop and knock on the door. Give the rat the book in exchange for a crook. Go back once more to town and use the crook to grab the cheese out of the small pool. You’ll be captured by the town’s guards.

Chapter 4: Will the Real Troll King Please Stand Up