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Chapter 2: A Troll is as a Troll Does

Princess Rosella has been kidnapped by the troll king. Walk out of the bedroom and after the little cut-scene pick up the toy rat from the floor. Take the shield from the back wall and then look at the shield more closely. Click on the center spike to take it apart.

Walk to the north east exit that leads to the kitchen. When you’re kicked out of the kitchen follow the evil queen to the spa to the west. Talk to the trolls in the spa. Leave and go back to the kitchen. Use the toy rat on the chef to clear out the kitchen. Take the golden bowl from the cabinet. Make sure you grab the right bowl. There’s bronze bowl in the cabinet as well. You can tell which is which by examining them with the eye. Use the machine to the right of the cabinet to get some baked beetles and leave the kitchen the way you came.

Take the west exit to visit the smithy. Speak with the troll wearing goggles. Walk down the tunnel to the north. Use the bowl on the green liquid and then take the lantern. Jump across the chasm. You’ll need to jump from the closest point to the central pillar, and then across to the other side.


Take some wet sulphur from the wall and jump back across the chasm. Go back up the tunnel to the smithy and use the lantern on the fire and walk back up the stairs.

Take the tunnel to the east. Try to walk across the path over the lava river and a troll will stop you. Take a look at the broken cart. Place the shield on the cart to act as a wheel and then use the spike to hold it in place. Ride the cart by clicking the button to the top left. The troll will be knocked off the bridge.

Continue walking all the way to the east until you see a crystal dragon. Talk to the dragon and then use the lantern on the dragon to give it a spark. The dragon will be so grateful that she’ll give you a diamond.

Walk east and then east again to the central area. Visit the spa again to the north west and listen to the lady trolls. They’ll tell you that to put a troll to sleep you need to put wet sulphur on a fire. Exit the spa.

Go to the smithy to the west and give the diamond to the troll with goggles. He’ll give you his hammer and chisel. Put the wet sulphur on the fire to put the other troll to sleep. Take the tongs from the wall and pick up the red mold that’s lying on the table. Place the mold in the bucket of water to cool it off. You’ll receive a silver spoon.


Place the tongs back on the wall and head back to the central area. Walk through the east tunnel again and go east all the way to the crystal dragon. Use the hammer and chisel on the dragon’s tail to take a dragon scale. Walk back to the central area.

Give Mathilde the golden bowl first and then the baked beetles, dragon scale and silver spoon. When you are zapped back into your room  you’ll notice the painting appears to be smoking. You need to reach it by stacking the three stools on top of each other. Use the large rectangular stool first, then the circular one and then the small square stool.


When you fall out onto the throne pick up the dragon toad. Try to get back into your bedroom to the north west and Mathilde will come out. Give her the dragon toad and you’ll discover the troll king is an imposter. She’ll give you some enchanted rope.

Malicia will appear. When you get the chance use the toy rat on her to scare her away and then go through the tunnel to the south east. Use the enchanted rope on the rope in the lift and then use the lift to pull yourself to safety.

Chapter 3: The Sky is Falling!