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Chapter 6: Ready… Set… Boom!

Have a look at the magic wand in your inventory. Click on the base of the wand and turn it around to check the top part which should have an ‘F’ on it. Use the magic wand on the troll who gets thrown into the wall.

In the volcano use the shovel on the wall behind you to escape. If you don’t have a flower yet use the shovel on the boulder by the window and then click on the boulder to climb onto it and grab the flower.

I hope you were paying attention to how the troll king opened the door. Click on the eye on the left, then the eye on the right and lastly the nose to  open the door.

Plug the device into the socket just next to the sleeping troll king and then use the flower on the troll king to wake him up.

When you get the chance grab the device and use it on Malicia. Lastly give your extra life to Edgar to bring him back to life and win the game.

Congratulations on winning King’s Quest 7! Stay tuned for many more adventure game walkthroughs.