Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame takes place 11 days after the ending of the first game. It features better graphics, a greater variety of enemies and longer storyline. Multiple enemies may appear once and towards the end of the game the prince gets a new ability to use his shadow self and throw fireballs.

After defeating the Vizier in the first game the Prince marries the Princess. When the Prince enters the castle the evil Jaffar casts a spell to make him look like a beggar. The Prince is thrown out to the street and must find a way back to rescue the Princess.

Prince of Persia 2 Controls

Arrow Keys/Numpad – Left/right/jump/duck
Shift – Action key/hang from ledge/pick up item
Ctrl – Draw sword/attack
Up Arrow (with sword drawn) – Parry
Down arrow (with sword drawn) – Sheathe sword
Shadow Form (Once you have the ability) – Turn left and right quickly
Fireball – Press Ctrl while in shadow form

Alt-S – Turn sound on/off
Alt-R – Return to opening title
Alt-A – Restart level
Alt-G – Save game
Alt-L – Restore game (only restores to the beginning of the level)
Alt-Q – Quit game

Prince of Persia 2 Walkthrough

Prince of Persia 2 Download

There are a few different versions of Prince of Persia 2 floating around the Internet. If one doesn’t work well on your computer try a different version. You’ll also want DOSBox SVN which has a save feature so you can save the game at any time. The Prince of Persia 2 save game mechanic only lets you reload to the start of a level.

Prince of Persia 2 Download
DOSBox SVN (Register on the forum to access the download links)
Prince of Persia 2 Manual
Prince of Persia 2 Maps (Every level)