Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is the latest real time stealth strategy game by Mimimi Games and has just been released on the PC, Playstation 5 and XBox.

If you’ve not played stealth games like this before you can download the free demo version of Shadow Gambit from both GOG and Steam.

In Shadow Gambit you’ll take control of a cursed crew as they fight against the inquisition. You’ll have to muster all the strategy and magic powers you can to defeat this terrible foe.

Adding magic and supernatural powers may seem a bit much for a stealth/strategy game such as this but the character designs and abilities really fit in with the atmosphere of the game. Each of the characters must first be revived by seeking out one of the legendary Black Pearls. You’ll have to decide who you save first and what crew you want to take with you on each mission.

Each of the crew members have their own unique traits. Some of them will be more useful then others but any of them can be used to complete each of the missions. The crew members also have their own unique adventure and story missions so you can find out more about them.

Shadow Gambit can be completed in around 30 hours but this depends on your familiarity with this genre and the difficulty level. There are four difficulty levels to choose from making the levels easier or harder as you see fit.

When you begin a new game you’ll be given a Logbook which tracks the islands that you’ve explored and which crew members you’ve revived. You can also collect badges by completing hidden tasks with certain characters on certain missions.

There are 8 characters in total, 7 to unlock and your starting character, Afia Manicato. Afia is the main protagonist and the Navigator aboard the ship. She can blink to teleport from place to place and freeze time for a few seconds. You’ll learn more about her and the 7 other crew mates during the main campaign.


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