Shelter is a survival exploration game that has you guiding a family of badgers across a perilous landscape. You’ll journey day and night searching for food, hunting small animals, crossing rivers, hiding from birds of prey and outrunning forest fires. It was developed by Might and Delight and published in 2013.

The concept is fairly simple, keep your family of badgers alive. You’ll begin with 5 badger cubs. They must be fed and kept out of danger. When cubs run out of food they start to turn grey. Prioritize food for the cubs that need it most. There is enough food for all 5 cubs and it is possible to save all of them.

Shelter Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Forest

You begin in a badger cave with your 5 cubs. One of them is grey and not moving. All the cubs have slightly different markings on their backs so you can tell them apart. Grab the nearby carrot and give it to the cub that’s turning grey. It will get up and start following you. Make your way out of the badger cave into the sunlight.

Once outside you’ll be given a tutorial on how to bump into trees to make the apples fall down. You can pick up food and give it to the cub you want or let them race for it.

The forest is fairly open but there is only one main path to take. Look for carrots and apples along the way. After a few minutes of walking the game will give you a tutorial on how to catch frogs. Simply run up to it and left-click to grab it. Give it to one of your cubs for a tasty meal.

At one point you can take a lower path through a hollow log or a higher path through a cave. Both have food around them on the other side so you should explore both paths. Continue through the forest, gathering food as you go.

Eventually you’ll come across a small marsupial which I’ll call a bandicoot. Hide in the grass and jump on the bandicoot when it gets close enough. Continue along the path unti you spot a fox. You won’t be able to chase it because it’s too quick. Follow it along and look for a spot where you can cut in front of it and block it in somewhere. It will try to dash past you giving you a chance to grab it. That appears to be the only way to catch it. Once you’ve caught it all 5 cubs will have a meal.

Continue through the forest and into the long grass. You’ll see a white falcon swoop down and grab an animal. From now on you’ll need to wait till it passes and then run to the next bit of long grass. Keep your cubs together so none of them get left behind. Eventually you’ll make your way up and hill and through a hollow log. The log will fall and you’ll be taken to the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Through the Night

You’ll be in darkness for this whole chapter with just a bit of light around you. If one of your cubs stays outside the light for too long it will be eaten. Keep an eye out for food as it’s much harder to spot in the dark. As you walk along you’ll hear a noise from time to time and your cubs will get scared. They’ll run off in a random direction. Sprint after them to find the cubs or lost cub before it gets taken. This will happen a few times through this short chapter so always be ready to chase after any scared cubs.


Chapter 3: Raging River

The path is fairly easy to spot, just follow along the river. A few times the river will fork or you’ll have a choice but the wrong paths quickly lead in dead ends. When you have nowhere else to get except to cross the river wait for the waves to roll past and quickly dash across to the other side.

Follow the path along, across another section of river and then upstream. Hide behind the rocks and wait for the waves to pass before dashing out again and continuing upstream. When you’re in the shadow of the rocks you and your cubs will be safe.

Once out of the river continue through the forest and then cross another stream. As you come to an arch in the rocks you’ll be taken to the next chapter.


Chapter 4: Forest Fires

The forest floor is burnt here and fires are likely to start out. Your cubs won’t actually die if they touch the fire, just smolder a little bit and run back to you. Make your way through the forest, grabbing the carrots along the way, until you come to the long grass. The white falcon will be looking for food.

Wait for the shadow to pass and dash from the patches of long grass. Head into the tunnel and out the other side. This time you’ll have to avoid the fire and the falcon. Sneak along in the long grass until you find the next tunnel. The falcon should leave you alone for a while.

Grab all the food you can and continue along the only path you can take. As you’re walking along the side of a cliff you’ll see another fox. I did manage to chase up to this one and grab it before it got away.

Continue along the side of the cliff and into a cave where the chapter will end.


Chapter 5: Final Trek

The first part of this section is filled with an abundance of food. Make sure all of your cubs are well fed. As you’re going through a long straight section the white falcon will return. When you hear it screech make a dash for the tunnel ahead. Keep your cubs close to you in this section so they won’t be too far behind when you start to run. If one is too far behind it will get taken by the falcon.

Once inside the tunnel navigate your way through to the other side. The falcon will still be hunting for you on the other side. Stick to the long grass and make your way across the plain. When you get close to the other side the falcon will attack you and the cubs will make a run for safety.

Congratulations on completing Shelter! Hopefully you managed to keep all your cubs alive. If enjoyed this game you may like to try Shelter 2 and Paws.